5D Twin Flame Clearing

£ 155.00


A good clearing.  Twin Flame connections can trigger a lot of purging, and clearing of your entire system.  A good clearing for your energy.  Clears you , your Twin Flame, and the connection.  A good 3D and 4D karmic clearing.  Channeled 5D energies.  Helps to clear and release heavy energies and baggage.  This is a 5D energy clearing.  Great for everyone no matter what the situation.  Cleanses, clears, and uplifts your energies.  Clearing more blocks.  Clears your  relationship karmic slate. Clears painful relationship karmic loops.  Clears energetic blockages from your auric field, chakras and DNA.  Blockages can prevent you from vibrating at a higher frequency and can repel you from manifesting a higher frequency relationship.  Heals and clears these type of blockages.  Clears anything that is encoded in your field like past painful experiences, karmic imprints, emotional pain body, and lower beliefs.  These type of issues can have an effect on your frequency and attract you to people who have the same or very similar low frequency imprints encoded in their field.  Healing and clearing for lower or negative imprints in your field and any energetic blockages.  Clears your energy and raises your frequency.

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