Chakra Relationship Healing/ Clearing

£ 155.00


We tend to store a lot in our chakras.  Blocks can affect our relationships.  This is a good healing for your chakra system.  Will remove blocks and past pains blocking up your system.  Healing for your Root Chakra.  Healing for fears like the fear of not finding love, the fear of not being loved, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of abandonment, fear of betrayal.  Any fears are projected onto your holographic reality and can negatively influence your relationships or prevent you from manifesting one.  Heals lack of Life Force Energy.  Healing for your Sacral Chakra.  Healing for dense emotional pain body that will attract people to you with a similar pain body frequency.  Healing for your unprocessed past pain that has been playing out in your relationships.  Healing for continuing to stay stuck in a relationship karmic loop where the same type of painful events keep happening over and over again.  Heals being annoyed by your partners.  Healing for your Solar Plexus Chakra.  Healing for low self esteem and low self confidence.  Your self esteem determines the quality of your relationship and what kind of relationship dynamics you will tolerate.  Healing for consciously or subconsciously identify with the victim archetype.  Healing for blaming your partners for your own unhappiness.  Healing for control dynamics that result in a lot of relationship drama.  Healing for codependent relationships.  Healing for energy vampiring control issues, and ego driven relationships.  Heals aggression, irritation, jealousy, and any arguments.  Healing for your Heart Chakra.  Heals relationship fears.  Heals past painful relationship experiences.  Heals lack, limitation, and poverty consciousness.  Heals shadow self archetypes.  Heals resentment.  Heals finding faults, not accepting your partner, and misunderstanding of your feelings, or your partners.  Healing for your Throat Chakra.  Heals patterns of of control, dominance, competition and trust issues.  Heals disrespect, a will to change your partner, failing to express your true emotions and feelings.  Healing for your Third Eye Chakra.  Heals lack of trust, checking up on your partner, and lack of support for each others dreams and visions.  Healing for your Crown Chakra.  Heals lack of awareness of spiritual meaning of relationships.  Heals having no motivation to grow together.  Heals how you’re exchanging energy in your chakras.  Heals and clears your chakras.  Clears any relationship issues from your chakra system.  Clears interferences, blockages, controlling technology, or implants.

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