Twin Flame Mentoring Package

£ 1,111.00



This is 6 one on one sessions designed to help you through your Twin Flame process.    Twin Flames can send you into a separation and a healing crisis.  Many experience some type of dark night of the soul.  This is going to help you through your own healing but in moving through your twin flame process.  This is deep healing that will help you no matter what the situation.  Ofton times what you’re doing isn’t working.  I can shift the energy, shifting the situation.  In a separation let’s work through your healing to get you into that union.  In a union and the challenges come up, clear them for a better relationship.  Great for adding more romance into your life and into the connection.  Let’s heal your love life.  Haven’t met your Twin Flame, doing this work will attract them.  I do spirit guided sessions just for you.  I will take you through whatever is going on specifically for you.  I give you journaling prompts so you can go into and clear those love life blocks.  These are done as 6 phone sessions.

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