Activate Past Life/ Psychic Gifts

£ 555.00



You have had many lifetimes working with the same gifts.  You had many spiritual lifetimes where you were at a very high level within your gifts.  This is a package to help you in bringing back online, or awakening your past life gifts.  This will help you in awakening more of the codes that you need.  Will help you in activating more gifts with Spirit.  More contact and communication with your spirit guides.  Will help to awaken more of your psychic, medium, and healing gifts.  This is the ultimate healing for your own unique spiritual gifts.  Sometimes we question our intuition, or aren’t sure.  You may just need more clarity on your path, or may just be seeking a stronger spiritual connection.  Will help to make your gifts more clear.  Will help you in tapping into your gifts more.  Will strengthen your gifts.  Helps you to open up your spiritual channels.  Will help you to pick up more, and to tap into more.  Will help you to tap into people more and the spirit world.  Will help you with switching on and tuning into that sixth sense.  Will help you to be able to see or to tap into events before they happen.  Will help you with remote viewing or remote sensing things.  Will help you to be able to tap into the past more, or past events.  An amazing healing to help with your own unique gifts, bringing more of your gifts online.  Will help with bringing past life knowledge and wisdom online.  The best healing for your gifts, or for clearing past life blocks around your gifts.

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