Twin Flame Past Life Healing

£ 211.00



Heal and take back your power from the past.  Past trauma and past life trauma can fragment us.  Healing for past, and past lifetime healing.  Healing for these soul fragments.  Healing for all past life traumas and wounds.  When you are in a Twin Flame relationship, there’s always a past life karma between you both.  Healing for this past life karma.  Many challenging relationship dynamics are caused by imprinting from our past lives.  Healing for your past life memories and imprints carried within your DNA.  Heals your Twin Flame templates.  Healing negative stories or karma interfering with the connection.  Tap into and access more of your past life memories and memories of your Union.  Twin Flames can carry lots of past life trauma and emotions with them.  Healing for this past life trauma.  Heals underlying fears and negative emotions coming through from past lifetimes.  Healing for areas you may be feeling frustrated or stuck.  Twin Flame healing for the past life connection.  Heals karmic debt.

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