Healing Package For Past Life Karma Blocks

£ 255.00


A deep healing for traumas that came from other lifetimes that have bled into your current lifetime.  Any karma that has unfolded is a balancing from those lifetimes.  This is your souls way of making you remember through your current life experiences.  This can look like the same sequences repeating.  It can look like the same repeated cycles coming up.  You might be carrying karma from previous lifetimes and need to break that cycle in order to move forward.  Most blocks are a result of unfinished business, or trauma from a past life.  This can be infertility, poverty, karmic, or difficult relationships, and abuse of power.  A healing for old patterns and conditioning, stemming from past life blocks and traumas.  A deep healing for past life karmic blocks.  Helps to heal karmic blockages.  Some benefits are feeling or finding forgiveness, letting go of negative emotions, and positive changes in your current life.  Heals destructive emotional patterns and any self-defeating attitudes.

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