Twin Flame Past Life Healing Package

£ 255.00


This is for healing wounds from past lives. You have experienced a lot of past life bleed through like never before.  This can come up as pattens or even outside energies or experiences.  Healing for all past life traumas and wounds.  Twins share the same core wound.  This wound is already fully activated in Twins, and felt so deeply because of its ancient past.  It’s the original split that occurred! Separation in this lifetime runs too deep in the feelings and proved it can kick up.  Union can also trigger these same wounds.  This brings up the healing regardless of your own unique situation.  Healing for your fears, insecurities, and past wounds.  Healing for your core wounds.  Healing for karma carried over from past lifetimes.  Healing for your twin flames karma! heals what’s underneath.  Heal your past lifetime Akashic.  A lot of deeper wounds are buddies there.  Heals and release them. This clears and heals negative pattern loops.  Heals your deepest core childhood wounds and adult traumas this connection has brought up.  Heals deeper past pain.  Most are carrying unresolved past life issues and traumas because of the Law of Karma.  Unresolved healing can keep you or your Twin Flame stuck apart until healed.  It can come up in Union causing issues or karmic patterning.  Regardless, Twin Flames have to work on themselves and heal before being together. Once together any unhealed or unresolved issues come into the connection to be delt with.  Healing for past life wounds and traumas.  Healing for unconscious patterning.

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