Twin Flame Past Life Healing

£ 211.00


healing for waiting, obstacles, and delays.  If you have experienced blockages like this, this healing is for you.  This is a healing for you and your Twin Flame, no matter what the situation.  Many times, the shadow side of Saturn shows itself as an actual practical obstacle or an external influence that is difficult to deal with.  This can feel like circumstances coming up in the outer, or around the connection that are past your control.  Situations that feel like you’re waiting on Divine Timing.  Other contracts and lessons.  Circumstances.  One Twin Flame having to go do other lessons.  Past baggage coming up as blocks.  Separation issues.  Together but doing separate stuff.  Together but having karmic challenges interfering or happening in the background.  This is a good energy healing and a good past life energy healing.  Heals all of the above.  Since twin flames are two mirror souls, they will also bring up your fears, insecurities, and past wounds that need to be healed.  Healing for negative energies and past life patterns this connection has stirred up.  This healing helps you to free yourself from negative past lifetime patterns so that you can step into your true power.  Twin Flame relationships can be very hard. They could involve separations and distance.  However, Twin Flames have a deep connection will always find their way back to each other.  If not in this life then definitely in the next.  It is a deep connection that has been a part of you for many lifetimes, a bond so strong that no matter the distance or obstacles, you always find their way back to each other.  Healing for any distance, or obstacle coming up.  Healing for past lifetime blocks within your Twin Flame connection.

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