Twin Flame Healing Package For Past Life Blocks

£ 255.00


You’ll notice you may be repeating the same narrative in your love life.  Unintentionally this can even play out in your Twin Flame experience.  All love tends to be karmic.  Sometimes the old karmic patterns run deeper than we think, into past lifetimes.  The core wounds you may have played out again and again always go back to a wound from a past lifetime with your Twin Flame.  Your Twin Flame helps you to clear karmic debts and cycles, and to release any ego based conditioning.  This is a healing for you, your Twin Flame, and the connection.  Healing for past life heartbreak, pain, sadness, and trauma.  When you begin digging into your past lives you had with your Twin Flame, and other lifetimes when you were not with them, you will learn very quickly that your current scenario of dynamics is a recurrence of those.  One story you have played out on a loop.  This healing goes back to the original trauma, found in a past lifetime wound that had put you into your Twin Flame Separation.  Healing for imprints of past life events or emotions, which have affected you in this lifetime.  Healing for Amy blocked or stuck energies.  Healing for Amy blockages around your love life and Twin Flame Union.

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