12:12 Portal Past Life Activation

£ 66.00


You had so many spiritual past lives.  This is a channeled activation for you to help to tap into more of your past life knowledge and gifts.  12:12 Kicks off the Energies of the Solstice. This is an Egypt Activation.  This is an activation to bring more of your past knowing and understanding online.  The number 12, and the 12th initiation is always service.  This 12:12 Portal Activation will activate and bring online codes that you need to awaken and further activate your mission.  Amazing for tapping into and integrating more ancient knowledge.  Will help bring more of your mission online.  A deeper desire to be of service.  This is the highest path too.  A beautiful channeled Egyptian Activation.  Will activate your inner God/ Goddess bringing more online from any Past Lives.  Activating Egyptian and Galactic past life knowledge.

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