Past Life Healing Package

£ 255.00


A healing for your karmic past and past lifetimes.   Healing for your karmic imprints found on your DNA.  This is a healing for the experiences you’re meant to have.  Healing for the challenges that you carry from past lifetimes.  Healing for the things you need to learn from and to master in this lifetime.  Healing for your DNA and the karmic imprints that you carry.   Healing for the blueprint of the Soul, Your Cosmic DNA.  Held negative imprints that may be affecting your Cosmic DNA.  Healing for karma, life path, love issues, and childhood issues.  Each individual carries an imprint, or karmic pattern from birth, indicating your past lives.  Healing for these past life imprints and karmic patterns.  These karmic patterns can present as emotionally charged conditions that limit, oppress, and compromise success.  Healing for deep seated soul patterns.  Heals karmic conditions from the past and past lifetimes.  Heals past lifetime karmic imprints that you carry.

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