Pluto Retrograde…

Pluto is shifting into a Retrograde on Saturday and many of you may be feeling this shift.  Pluto is known for breaking down the old to build the new.  Pluto spends 5 months a year in Retrograde.  Pluto is God of the underworld and ruler of power, control, the subconscious, and our shadow side.  We are about to see some huge karmic changes occur with the collective.  This placement is going to assist in bringing anything hidden out into the light and in clearing many of the power struggles that have been playing out.  This shift is also meant to remind you of your own personal power.  We are at an amazing place to be further releasing anything no longer in alignment with our spiritual path.  Pluto contains both a destructive and a creative force.  It’s always up to you as to how your using these energies.  While this energy can be perceived as dark, it’s actually an energy of rebirth and transformation.  This is a time where many will be shown things they need to work on.  Pay attention to the things that are coming up for you.  This energy should shine a light on any underlying fears or desires you may have.  This is a powerful time to detox as well.  We have more purifying to do, so detoxing your physical body will help you be able to tune in better spiritually.  We have a lot of things going on around us.  We are being encouraged to work more on our inner worlds.  We much first make this transformation within.  This is a powerful time to be making big changes.

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