On The Energies…

The energies are so high right now.  We are now moving into the best part of the Lionsgate Portal.  The Lionsgate is a powerful Sirian Stargate.  We are going to be continuing to feel a huge influx of energies as we get closer to the 8:8 Portal.  The entire Cosmos is in such a deep alignment right now.  Our Sun, Sirius, and Orion are now aligned with the Galactic Center and are rising together.  The 3 stars of Orion’s Belt align perfectly with the 3 Pyramids of Giza.  Two lions hold open this Gateway.  It’s guarded by the constellation of Leo and the Sphinx.  These energies activate the heart of the Lion, Regulus, and of course our own heart chakra.  Look at these energies as opening heavens door.  We are going to be continuing to receive lots of DNA activations this week.  Expect major Solar Plexus activations in these energies.  Expect these energies to continue til the 12th too.  As these energies are flooding the Planet they are activating the Ley Lines and the Earth Grids.  These energies are powerful for manifesting.  These Events are getting new meaning with the ascension that is happening currently.  The 8:8 Portal is powerful for any Twin Flames.  Even if you just sense that you are one, or have one.  The 8:8 Portal is an Infinity Portal.  It’s here to remind us that some love between souls is infinite.  You will find each other time and time again, picking up right where you left off.  Past life connections coming back around in this lifetime.  We are going through a huge expansion right now.   Pay attention to any dreams, signs, intuitive hits or nudges your getting right now.  The messages are coming through.  Synchronicity is at an all time high.  Spirit is making moves and you should be too.  Especially pay attention if your being guided towards Love right now.  The most powerful meeting between souls are happening here on Earth during this time.  If you feel your being guided toward another take it as a huge sign right now.

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