On The Energies…



The Sun is quiet right now and the solars are really low.  The Galactics are still coming in strong.  The energies today are very healing and are to help with integrating some of the recent upgrades that have been going on.  This week we will continue to be in the Pleiadian Portal.  That means all week we are still aligning with, and receiving tons of high frequency energies from the Pleiades.  It’s an amazing time to be connecting with these energies.  We are still feeling the effects of this week’s Taurus Lunar Eclipse.  We will be feeling the effects for the next 6 months too.  We are in a powerful space, as we are in between the two Eclipses.  This is a powerful Eclipse Portal! Dec 4th we have a Sagittarius New Moon that is also a Super Solar Eclipse.  That means until then we will be really feeling the energies of both Eclipses.  This Eclipse Season is encouraging you to make some big changes.  It may even be shaking things up for you.  These two Eclipses are all about new beginnings and endings.  The Taurus Lunar Eclipse, we just had, is the first on the new Taurus-Scorpio axis.  This was the beginning of a brand new Eclipse Cycle that has already opened major doors for you.   This Eclipse Cycle will last til October 2023.   We are about to have 7 Eclipses that will play out across the Taurus- Scorpio Axis.  Expect major shifts to occur within the material and within relationships over that time.  The Solar Eclipse Dec 4th is the is the final eclipse on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.  This will wrap up a year and a half cycle we have completed on this axis.  We are in the process of shifting into Sagittarius Season.  Sagittarius Season runs from Nov 22nd to Dec 21st.  This Sagittarius Season is all about stepping into your sovereignty.  It’s here to spark the light for the Solstice.  Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.  Now that Jupiter has shifted direct, the fire energy will be much easier to harness.  The rest of the year will be bringing shifts in luck, abundance, and major plot twists.  Eclipses speed things up so the next 6 months has the potential to make things happen fast.  The next 6 months is all about your dreams.  Eclipses are meant to help you tap into your destiny.  Sagittarius Season may be the time for some of you to make bold moves or big shifts.