Your Merkaba is a hologram of love, it is also a sacred geometric pattern, which created the whole Universe. It is based on Divine love, which is a pattern of unconditional love. Everything in the Universe resonates with it. This transcends time and space, as well as dimensions. This means that all humans have that pattern within us. We are all unconditional love. We always have been, we just forgot. This concept is something you can’t measure in third dimensional terms. This is a higher dimensional concept of Divine creation and it’s something you will resonate with. We are done analyzing things with the left brain, those that are drawn to this intuitively know this. We are transitioning into our light body’s now. As we do this we are moving into the time continuum, this is a spiritual existence where time doesn’t exist. There is no beginning or end. We are already in unity consciousness, and always have been, and always will be. This has been the illusion, this separateness. We have always been attached to God through the time/space continuum, located on your spine. Unconditional love is a powerful magnetic force, when you activate it through the hologram of love this makes every cell in your body magnetic. This results in you attracting anything you need to become a cosmic vibration in alignment with higher wisdom