Inner Alchemy

You must first pass through your own darkness to find your light.  There are very real forces that will try to keep you trapped by using your past against you, in the Now.  You were never your experiences.  These were just programmed experiences you knew you would need to complete your mission.  People want to make you any darkness you experienced.  People are too attached to the lessons they have long passed.  The Starseeds chose a different path then the rest of humanity.  We were inserted into the places no one wanted to learn in.  We were asked to bring our light into these past places.  Hidden within this darkness was the light, this is true alchemy.  We carry the philosophers stone, hidden light codes.  We carry a light that never goes out, it’s no less then the entire Logos.  This is a light that will inspire the world, it’s meant to lead others out from the shadows.  The darkness was the alchemical fire that purified you on a soul level.  It’s a breaking down of who you think you are.  It’s about taking you deeper within yourself, leading you to that light.  Inner alchemy leads to a higher alignment.  This is a journey of love.  The ultimate alchemy is spiritual union.  The brave will find a stone in another.  When you become whole yourself you will find a lover in another.