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The Crumbling..

Get ready for the ultimate crumbling to occur.  We have seen our worlds burn time and time again.  Still people are not grasping this was never to build the material around us.  It’s always been about building yourself.  As the energy is shifting and the frequencies are rising the programming not serving humanity must be released.  The material isn’t able to make this journey with you.  It’s time to shift your focus back to yourself.  This energy will bring with it a final release.  A clearing of the things not serving you.  If you keep playing with the fire of fear based thoughts and frequencies, you will get burnt. It’s time to let go for good.  To rise we must let go of the things weighing us down.  


This is a period of great transformation.  We know this journey has not come easy.  This is a recalibration on every level.  To change your frequency is to change your Universe.  These spiritual energy shifts are coming to a peak, forcing human consciousness to expand.  This is an alchemical process, an integration on every level.  This is a purification of the mind, body, and soul.  We are the seeker walking through the flames of transformation.  You are being awakened to your infinite potential as this alchemical fire purifies you.  Any lower energies are being stripped away.  This alchemy is a mirror, ultimately reflecting back your divine essence.  This dissolution, or deep deconstruction,  of the ego can be a hard process.  This dissolution is the flow.  This destruction brings about a material death, but brings your spirit to life.  This dissolution is the opening of the energy channels in your body.  An Inner unification happens when we heal ourselves.  We must let go of any elements that no longer serve us spiritually, both internally and externally.  This is the initiation into higher levels of consciousness.  The remaining impurities are being removed from humanity at this time.  Any shadow elements of the mind are being released now.  This alchemical journey is a crystal labyrinth, navigated by following the pathways of intuition.  This is a journey toward heart centred  inner peace.  Love, wisdom, and compassion are the three keys you will need to progress past this point.  

Eternal Fire

The flame many are seeking externally lies within.  It’s a spiritual fire, found in love.  Many people will seek this in a partner without first mastering their own energy.  We each carry this light within us.  That fire has the ability to transform anyone.  We can experience love or this flame energy with anyone.  The Universe craves to experience Divine Union.  That is first done with oneself.  Just as this energy is fast to appear, it can be fast to dissipate.  This energy is found in relationships that serve the greater good.  While some relationships start out with that fire, they can lose it.  Once it’s gone it’s impossible to get back, some relationships just burn out.  This is a sign that your meant to move forward on your path.  Let this flame within guide you on your journey.  Feel the energy found within your love.  Become love and then you will find it everywhere.  

Inner Alchemy

You must first pass through your own darkness to find your light.  There are very real forces that will try to keep you trapped by using your past against you, in the Now.  You were never your experiences.  These were just programmed experiences you knew you would need to complete your mission.  People want to make you any darkness you experienced.  People are too attached to the lessons they have long passed.  The Starseeds chose a different path then the rest of humanity.  We were inserted into the places no one wanted to learn in.  We were asked to bring our light into these past places.  Hidden within this darkness was the light, this is true alchemy.  We carry the philosophers stone, hidden light codes.  We carry a light that never goes out, it’s no less then the entire Logos.  This is a light that will inspire the world, it’s meant to lead others out from the shadows.  The darkness was the alchemical fire that purified you on a soul level.  It’s a breaking down of who you think you are.  It’s about taking you deeper within yourself, leading you to that light.  Inner alchemy leads to a higher alignment.  This is a journey of love.  The ultimate alchemy is spiritual union.  The brave will find a stone in another.  When you become whole yourself you will find a lover in another.