Don’t Miss Our Stonehenge Stargate Activation…

We are getting ready to leave, we will be going to Stonehenge tomorrow. This is a powerful Stargate.  I consider it one of the entrances to the underworld.  Some consider it a doorway that can lead to alternate realities.  Stonehenge is especially powerful because of where it is located.  There are 14 major Ley lines that converge there.  This makes Stonehenge one of the most powerful vortex’s in the world.  Many ancient cultures believed there were portals to other worlds hidden within the Earths magnetic field.  These were believed to be gateways to different star systems where our creators came from.  I’ve had my own really own powerful experiences here and this particular sacred site has very much played a huge part in my own story.  The stream of galactic energies we are in now will make this area and the ley lines extra active.  If your looking to connect with the energies of Stonehenge I will be doing our Stonehenge Stargate Activation.  I would highly recommend connecting with these energies.  They have been powerful in my own transformation.

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