Let’s talk about manifesting. This is the process of making your ideas morph into the physical reality. Believe it or not our thoughts and words are creating the reality we see around us all the time, so we are manifesting all the time. This is what we mean when we say we live in a manifest reality. It’s just how the Universe works. Before energy takes a form an infinite number of potential outcomes and possibilities exist. This means all possible potential outcomes exist simultaneously. This is why it’s so important that we are consciously manifest rather then allowing manifesting to happen by default. Based on your previous experiences your subconscious mind perceives objects as physical tangible objects. These tangible things take up space and seem physical, some refer to this concept as matter. Science has discovered that matter is in fact not solid, we just perceive it in that way. Everything is actually moving or vibrating. Matter is actually created from energy, it’s form created from the formless. This is how anything can change form, no matter how solid it appears. We have created every experience we have ever experienced with our thoughts. Nothing is random or a coincidence ever in this Universe.
This means that we all have the ability to create what we really desire. People have anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. Your brain is like a powerful computer that is shaping the reality you see into the physical.
Remember if you are not in the flow then you are in a state of resistance with the Universe. Always go with the flow.

  1. Clear space, get rid of limiting beliefs. Pray for the Universe to release you from anything that is blocking you.

  2. Clear your intentions. You need clarity so the Universe knows what you want. If it’s a job you want make a list.

  3. Think it, feel it, and believe it. Meditation is great for this. Let the thought form into a feeling which turns into energy.

  4. Chill. We all need to relax. Anxiety never helps, have faith that the Universe will always provide for you.

  5. Know the Universe has your back. If yo accept your greatness it will manifest into greatness. Know you are so loved and the Universe wants you to be happy.

Tree of Life

The Universal tree of life is a structure of the macrocosmic within the microcosmic personal tree of life, this is a symphony of spherical vibrational frequency. In the Universal Time Matrix is a representation of our multidimensional reality. We are mind-body-soul complex that manifest within the multidimensional layers of vibrational frequency as instructed by our core manifestation body blueprint, the tree of life. When you learn how to travel consciously through the vibration of the tree of life, you are traveling through the multiple dimensions of time. This is the path to spiritual sovereignty and energetic freedom. The metaphysical meaning of the tree of life is you are a child of the Universe. You also have a responsibility to grow yourself. This is a spiritual symbol to remind you that his is your cosmic family tree, and you have deep roots. Your desire is to reach the light. The tree is a symbol of life, lessons of the spirit, history, and hope for the future. This tree is literally climbing to the heaven. As we become more open to Divine light and Divine understanding we merge back into one. We are all part of a oneness.

Yes, The Earth’s Frequencies Are Rising

We are all shifting from our current state of limited consciousness to a higher vibration and a higher level of consciousness. We are freeing ourselves from anything that isn’t serving us and we are evolving spiritually. We are evolving past that illusion of separateness into an enlightened state of unity and oneness. This is a place of peace and compassion. Our entire planet is getting hit with higher frequencies and more and more light waves. This is all accelerating.
7.83 HZ is the frequency of the OM. It is also Gaia, or Earths, natural heartbeat. This is also called the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance measures global electromagnetic resonances. The Schumann Resonance is also in tune with our brains alpha and theta states. The earths vibrational frequency is picking up. It’s up around 16 HZ on average, and up to 24 HZ to 30 HZ during waves. As these frequencies rise to 12-16.5 HZ, in Neurofeedback, this is called Sensory-Motor Rhythm frequency (SMR). This is an ideal state of “awakened calm”. As earth shifts her vibrational frequency it’s waking people up! Gaia’s magnetic field has been slowly weakening. The magnetic field was put in place to block our memories of our true heritage. As the magnetic field changes it is loosening any memory blocks that we have so we can raise our consciousness to truth.