Helping To Raise Everyone and Everything’s Vibration

imageI have been putting a lot of time into trying to help people via social media. I posted I am still finding my place as a lightworker and a healer, but my job is to help raise the planets vibration thru love, and to assist with ascension.  I had someone write back that this is nonsense, it’s impossible that people can raise the love vibrations of other people, but not of the planet. I love any kind of questions like this, because there are so many layers one can look at. First off I feel bad for this person because judging and trying to limit me just dropped his vibration all the way down. We limit ourselves so much, and him trying to limit me is him limiting himself, he just has a limited understanding of it.

My twin flame and I were created and lived with Source, we are illuminated. Our love brings Source joy and happiness that we can’t even comprehend. My twin flame and I are both two desperate aspects of The Divine, when I love him I am loving The Divine. Our love is not like the 3D relationships most are used to, it is pure unconditional Divine love. This type of love affects all, even Source and Gaia. I see so much negativity on social media, remember to keep shining your light, people are afraid of your power for they are still living from an ego perspective. To limit others limits us all. You will come to a place of knowing and you will begin to guide yourself on this journey, in this never ending dream. Stay positive, shine your light so bright that others will be able to use it to descend from the darkness. Help liberate others from the prisons they have built.



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