Law of Abundance

I would like to talk to you about the Law of Abundanc, manifesting, and how to make your reality what you want it to be.  Right now I am rich in love.  I live in love, and love is currency to me.  Ofton when you hear about the law of abundance, it refers to money, or material goods.  It does include financial prosperity, but it is not limited to that. Abundance refers to the state of being consciously connected to Source Energy.  You do this by striving toward enlightenment.  I am getting more and more connected daily, yet I am still learning how to Manafesting what I want.  I look at abundance as having everything I need, but sometimes humans want more then basic things.  When I am Manafesting I have learned the difference between things I want and the things I need.

There are universal laws that govern all of us.  We all agreed to come to earth and we picked all of the experiences we go through.  We just forget, because of the veil.   We all can have the ability to assess abundance.  This is something that was given to all of us by Source, no matter what me is excluded.  Free will is a touchy thing, it is the only thing in life we are garenteed.  Sometimes that gets in the way, that is if we don’t understand these universal laws.  What we choose to experience in anything  depends on how we are aligned with it, especially regarding abundance and Manafesting.  If you want something you have to align yourself with it.  I just did a reading for a woman who is being pulled to move to New Zealand.  I told her to live, breath, and sleep New Zealand then.  She will find a way to go there, her soul is pulling her there.  Things really can be so easy, if we let them be.

we live in a sophisticated hologram.  I think of it as an elaborate video game, or computer program.  Everything is made of energy, this includes people and objects.  We all vibrate at a certain frequency.  There are many things that affect our vibration.  Junk food, alcohol, toxic relationships, negative thoughts, environmental toxins, toxic products, excess red meat, white sugar, medications, radiation, yelling, arguing, holding on to the past, and anger all lower your vibration.  our emotions determine our vibration, and hav a lot to do with how we vibrate.  If  you shift to love your vibration will raise and  expand.

The Law of Abundance is a Universal law, within a set of Universal laws. It basically states there is an unlimited Source of everything we need or could ever want.  We live in abundance, our resources are controlled right now, but we have everything we could ever need or want.  We are sour ounces by money, all the time.  Everything has a monatary value in 3D.  Abundance is infinante just like you are. You have an infinante capacity to create anything you want or desire.

Everyone is Divine.  in this Universe there is only one Source, so all is Divine.  I have seen this firsthand astrotraveling, all is Divine.  It is just hard for us to grasp with our limited human capacity.

We live in an infinite sea of love, and you are a drop in that sea.  The Law of Abundance says the Divine is everywhere and there is no place where it is not.  It is equally available to all aspects of itself. This definitely includes everyone, you too!  The best way to Manafesting what you want is to practice.  I have been practicing as well.  I am working on Manafesting a couch to make a downstairs family room.  Sounds silly, but trust me I make something out of nothing all the time.  The best way to Manafesting what you want is to make sure you have a steady flow of that divine energy flowing through you.  Get connected directly to that Source energy.  We are in a dream, and it’s time for you to Wake Up!