Down The Rabbit Hole



imageLet’s just say that I have been down the rabbit hole. I have been to very dark places, I believe you can either make it heaven or he’ll here on Earth. We live in a manifest reality. I have experimented and played with our reality, now I have a solid understanding of it. Earth is a great place to learn, as it is never-ending what you can soak up here. I now know that I had it way harder then if I had been willing to change, and not just adapt to the matrix.

I have seen first hand how growing up in an unstable household gave me many emotional problems and ultimately led to cancer. I have seen how making bad choices led to illness. If you heal the soul the body and mind follow. Dolores Cannon did amazing healing acts during her hypnosis work. Dolores cannon was doing past life regression work and ultimately figured our how to ask he persons higher self to heal the body. Our bodies were designed to self heal. There is much evidence that supports the fact that we actually live in a sophisticated hologram. I have seen in science where a mouse grew an entire new organ. This was done just from them pointing a laser at a holographic photo of a healthy organ and then shining the laser in the area. Our bodies can work for us or they can work against us. Our bodies were designed to do amazing things, you have much to learn.