How To Raise Your Vibration…

imageThere are many ways to raise your vibration. Love is the best thing you can do for your vibration. When I say love, I mean unconditional, real love. All love is Divine, it’s just a matter of making it last. We are all mirrors, sometimes we don’t like the things we have reflected back. If you don’t like something in someone else, then change it in yourself and you will be amazed. Nature is an amazing way to remove negativity. Nature removes toxins from your body as well. Sleep is an amazing thing you can do that has amazing benefits. When you are not well rested it will reflect back to you in your life. We go to bed at the same time every night. Any kind of alcohol or drugs will lower your vibration, so being free from chemicals raises your vibration. My body is my temple and I try to keep it as clean as possible. We try to only eat high vibration food. I would never drink soda, I eliminated sugar from my diet as well. I am very careful about what I put into my body now. I drink so much liquids. Start drinking more water or Gatorade. It’s so important that you stay hydrated especially with all the Chemtrails. Stay away from any lower vibrations, such as fear, anger, and anxiety. Gratitude raises your vibration 100%. A few years ago I saw my sister, Kimberly had a grateful journal she was writing in. That is an amazing idea on so many levels. I have just recently started a journal. It’s a good idea to write down positive things you want to see happen. We live in a manifest reality and our thoughts and words are shaping our reality all around us at all times.

Here are 8 ways to raise your vibration…

  1.  Become conscious of your thoughts.  Everything you think and say is shaping your reality at all times.
  2. appreciate beauty.
  3. drink water.
  4. excersise.
  5. eat high vibration foods.
  6. meditate.
  7. be grateful.
  8. be kind.image


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