image Sparks and I really want to see Amerigeddon the movie. They only have it in the theaters in select cities and Pittsburgh wasn’t one of them. I am now having a private viewing at Waterfront Drive IMAX September 6th. I really want to watch this movie, Sparks and I love anything like this. I put a post on Facebook in a lightworker group, and it was removed. Someone then put a prayer up for anyone that wants to watch it. Amerigeddon is a movie, it is a fiction movie. I do believe it is relevant to our time period though. The preview says the average American has three days worth of food, and I believe they are also disarming the public now as we speak.

Our country is in trouble and censoring everything really is supporting these corrupt systems. We are being censored enough, these systems do not serve us. It is time everyone takes an inventory of their life and if it doesn’t serve you then it needs to go. People need to learn to embrace the differences, that is what makes humanity whole. Many cultures died for refusing to convert, Christians killed many people over them not converting. We need to work on a paradigm where we are not pushing our views and beliefs on people. People are not meant to be like sheep, or at all alike. We all look unique and we all have unique talents, we need to embrace those differences. We all need to learn to work together. Everyone is at different stages in their evolution. Not everyone is out of that darkness, and until then I’ll continue doing my lightwork and I’ll continue to make small differences to make up that new paradigm with everyone else.. Namaste…image