Be Careful With Your Energy




imageI just had someone message me and ask if I wanted a kundalini awakening session. I said I personally was past that and that I had my kundalini awakened already by my twin flame, and that I had ascended and was now helping others. I told him that on my levels that was a service that should not be offered. Only God can start the Kundalini awakening process. The reason is that if your kundalini isn’t opened properly, as in by yourself, it is detrimental. It will ruin your life, and be a painful road to fix it. Never let anyone mess around with your kudalini energy that you arnt in love with and having a sexual relationship with. This guy in messaging me thinks he’s smart and is praying on spiritual people. That service is very bad to offer. We are having a spiritual war right now. It’s sad that in a lightworker group I see this stuff happening. Please use your discernment.

I have also seen where energy is given to someone and then with that cord still set up they will take your energy, and you pay for it with your money! I advice everyone to pray to Archangel Michael to cut your cords. Everyone has cords daily that they acquire. I pray all the time to cut all my cords, and this is so important for an empath to do. The best intuition will be your own, that is what you must work on activating fully. I see evil even in these safe groups and spiritual places. My solution was to tell this man that his service is bad on so many levels, especially for someone not of light to be offering. Every person will be broken down into two categories, service-of-self and service-to-others.

The veil is lifting so all of you will soon see through all the lies. I am service-to-others, I have ascended and my twin flame and I have dedicated our whole life to staying to help other people raise their vibrations. I have a gift where I can turn anything low vibration into a positive thing, if the person will let me. Everyone was born with gifts, that can be developed into something great. We soon will go back to a system where we rely on these gifts for a job. There are people that wish to keep humanity asleep, that way they can keep exploiting us for cheap slave labor. There is so much fake information designed to put people working on ascension off the right path. Please question everything, for what you conformed to was a lies. If you want to find the path to enlightenment you go within, and clear your mind. Meditation and spending time alone are the two best things you can do. I wish you all love, light, and discernment.

P.S. Oh and if anyone has gotten his service you be so fcked up that God would have a hard time fixing you. Please don’t hand your power over that easy 😉



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