Why Reiki?



image     I spent much of my life in hospitals, psychiatrists, and doctors offices. At the time I didn’t rember that I had agreed to all of this so that I would be able to help people, so it was very disorienting to go through. I had surgery when I was 6, they moved the tubes from my kidneys to my bladder, I guess I had kidney infections. I then progressed to stage 3 cancer, I had ovarian dysgerminoma, the tumor was the size of a grapefruit. I had surgery, an ovary removed, and intense chemotherapy. At 15 I lost all of my hair and had to our high school on hold. At 22 I was the passenger of a car that was in a bad accident, I went 50 ft. Through the windshield and broke my pelvis, and like 30 bones. I struggled with addiction because of this.

I have been on every type of painkiller and psych med there is. Today I am a reiki healer that learned how to heal through these events. I knew I could find answers out there for myself and I have. Today I am on marihuana for pain and I use energy healing in my own life. Your body can either work for you or against you, I have learned how to make mine work for me. I hope that I can give you some alternatives. I never would advise anyone to stop any current medications or treatment they are in without asking their doctors opinion. Reiki is an amazing treatment that you can later with your current treatment until you are well enough to possibly switch to alternative medicine.