Karmic Relationships



A lot of people are in Karmic relationships. These relationships can be confusing, trust me in the beginning phases it may seem like that soul mate magnetism. This is a love relationship that you must clear up. These relationships typically are not always happy ones. When you first meet you have that magnetism, you are drawn to them. The Karma, or energy between you needs to be rinsed clean so that you can continue your mission. Many people stay in these unhappy relationships out of fear. You are meant to rise above these relationships, to your true happiness. This is where healing can begin. Self growth is never easy.

These kind of relationships are filled with confusion and indecision, there is no real growth on an inner level. This confusion and indecision is experienced outwardly too. Many younger people will experience these relationships early on, I has a cycle of Karmic relationships that seemed never-ending. These relationships can result in a lot of heartbreak. Some people had children out of a relationship like this. The universe is a mirror if you are destructive, hurtful, and confusing, then that’s what you will get back. Do not let these lower levels of love consume you.

A Karmic Relationship has some of these characteristics:

-A very intense attraction.. can’t stop thinking about them.
-A feeling of nervousness when the other is near… wanting them to love you
-An addiction to sex,drugs,drinking etc… Non-stop party
-A “Bad Girl/Boy” persona.. wanting to be safe/appear strong
-Arguments & hurtful words-resulting in sex afterwards.. this is abuse!
-Giving up your interests and who you are to please them
-Restricted Financially.. always taking from you
-Abuse of all kinds
-Selfishness toward responsibility.. you have to take care of everything
-Never letting go of past hurt.. often bringing up the “ex” or parents
-Jealousy… you are not allowed to hang out but they are
-Rage… outbursts of anger & property damage,door slamming etc
-Isolation… no contact with friends no work no family
-Name calling… disrespect of feelings
-Weight Loss/Gain… both from severe stress!
-Nice when they want something… sweet talks until you give I’m
-Calling Just For Sex then ignoring you.. purely physical
-Lies… will lie even when caught!
-Cheating… cheats with you,will cheat on you
-Social aggression… Hates attention that you get-gets into fights
-Obsession… calls you non stop-watches you, smells your clothes etc
-Breakups… then cries or has a drama to pull you back in
-Depression… cutting, spacing out, loss of reality, sleeps all

Common WARNING signs that you are with someone like this:

“I don’t want a relationship” (walk away now while you can! )
“Its not you it is me” ( yes it is them,you are wasting your time. )
“I will call you when I can” (Translates,I will call you when I have nothing better to do)
“You are too good for me,don’t waste your time”(this is not a compliment,this is an excuse for their bad behavior.)
“I’m not ready for love”( Another excuse)
“I’m not loveable” ( This is another needy reply)
‘Don’t call me I will call you” (This is also a sign of someone who may be married/partner)
“I’m just too busy for a partner”(But not too busy for your friends hmm?)
“You don’t really want me” (Take this hint,and run,You definitely don’t!)
“Can’t we just be friends?” ( But only on my terms)




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