Life After Death

“When your earnings are exhausted on food and shelter, your labors are no longer viewed as an opportunity for economic advancement, but rather as an act of self-preservation. In the real world, that’s called slavery.” ~ Vincent Happy Mnisi”.

I would like to talk about death and life after death. I took a class in college named Death and Dying. This class basically talked about different cultures and how the fact that we are taught death is final makes it so much harder for us to deal with. We live on a “prison planet” where many control systems are in place to control humanity. A lot of our beliefs, or your beliefs come from these fear based control systems. I am here to let you know that death is something we have all done many times, I personally have lived hundreds of thousands of lives.

After death there is only one thing left and that’s love. Love is all that exists in the other realm. Fear, anxiety, anger, those are all earth notions. There are amazing real life stories about relationships continuing with your loved ones after they have died. My mother and my boyfriends father communicate with us all the time. They play with the dog, send us gifts, she sends me butterfly’s and feathers, or music, and helps answer my questions. I have had many dreams with her that were absolutely real. There is magic all around you.. If you have further interest in this subject I suggest the book ‘Wake Me up’ by Lyn Raganimage