Twin Flame Energy



imageTwin flame energy is a powerful thing. I can feel my twin throughout the day and he’s across the city at work. Kundalini energy is very powerful once awakened. I have been making many connections through my Lightwork. I just met a woman that is in a karmic relationship, and has children with him. She is torn because she just met her twin flame, they have seen each other in photos and they are talking to each other.

She lives in Florida and he lives in New Zealand. This will turn into a beautiful love story, where they live happily ever after with these children, but they have to do the work. This is hard work, trust me I had to be reminded that a lot. We are meant to be bringing heaven to earth. I look forward to seeing this story play out. I could tell they were twin flames by the photo she sent me, they had the same facial features. I can tell if people are twin flames that way. Even accross the world he is pulling her to be with him and it’s powerful. Remember their higher selves are together all the time in the other realm and the whole universe will fight to pull them together. It doesn’t matter how far apart they are, they have now seen each other, so they have to be together.

I have been with my twin flame for almost a year. We are just unlocking what we can do together. We do amazing healing acts on each other with our energy. We also pour love vibes out to each other. There is a powerful longing when we aren’t together, the constant thinking of the other. We can’t be apart, just to go to work is torture. Once you experience that oneness, being whole you will want it all the time. That bliss, it’s similar to the drug ecstasy. We have had tantric sex without trying, just natural to us since the first time. I always searched for that real, intense, one of a kind love. I knew my flame was out there somewhere, and it took me forever to find him. I had to find myself and switch from service-to-self to service-to-others