13 Signs Your Ascending To The New Earth

imageI have seen the new earth when I was out of busying or astrotraveling and it’s beautiful! Here are 13 signs you are ready for the new earth…

  1. Synchronicity… numerical synchronicities such as 11:11, 1:11, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55. This can be with anything in your life. I have had a synchronicity where I ran into my boss and his wife while at a restaurant going out to eat with my boyfriend.

  2. Manifesting With Ease.. You came to earth to learn to manifest, energy is powerful. We are learning how to use it. We know that if you want answers to things you need to look at things in terms of frequency, particularly, and vibrations. This is very unlike whatever I was taught in school. Those that will do best are those that can learn, unlearn, and relearn correctly. Your emotions are so important, you need to feel positive, your emotions affect manifesting. I run on a love operating system, because it’s this emotion behind my intent that creates manifestations.

  3. You Have Changed Your Eating Habits… You might be eating less sugar, and drinking more liquids. You may be eating less meat and more organic, healthy foods. My body is my temple, we only eat high vibration foods now. Anything with a high water content is higher vibration.

  4. Your Dreams Are Changing.. Your dreams are becoming more prophetic and you have less nightmares. If you let go of fear then your subconscious mind is free to really dream. We do so much in our sleep, for instance our subconscious mind can pay off bad karma through dreams. When we are asleep our subconscious mind is trying to resolve many issues through metaphors e see in our dreams. If you let go of conflict and fear in your life it will reflect I all aspects of your life, even your dreams!

  5. You Have A Strong Desire For Truth… Most of the time this contradicts the belief system you grew up in. This often means leaving religion and becoming more spiritual. Religion s are control systems, God is within all of you, you don’t need a church access The Divine.

  6. You Can See Through Fear.. You have stopped watching television , or you have stopped reading the newspaper. All fear is is something that keeps us stuck in a lower vibration. This is a tool the controllers use to keep us where they want us. If you let this fear go and switch to a love operating system then synchronicities and manifesting will soon follow.

  7. You Sense The Veil Is Lifting.. There is a thinning of dimensions. You can also begin to see energy. Some people see orbs, or energy particles.

  8. You Experience Glitches In The Matrix… You might experience glitches in time or time loops. You might notice building are not there, things disappear to another dimension, I have it happen all the time. I left my phone at home the other day, and in thinking about it I made it materialize in my pocket!

  9. You Drift Away From Family And Friends.. Most of you no longer have karma with your family, so it’s your choice if you wish to continue the relationship. Your friends that don’t align with you are going to drift away. You will align yourself with those of a similar vibration.

  10. You Having Energy Shifts.. One week your full of life and vibrating high, the next your exhausted and getting enough sleep. I am goi f through an energetic shift right now and it’s leaving me feeling slightly drained. My advice to you is to sleep if you are tired, your DNA is being upgraded, you need lots of rest.

  11. You Can Hear High Pitched Frequencies Or Feel Vibrating… This sound is associated with Gia, Earth, raising her frequency, your body is assimilating to these frequency changes.

  12. You Feel A Desire To Go Home, Even Though You Don’t Know Where That Is.. There are many starseeds here now. You may look at the stars and wonder what star system your from. You may feel a link to
    The Pleiades, Lyra, Arcturus, Orion, etc.

  13. You Are Beginning To Have Crazy Metaphysical Experiences.. You are beginning to unlock your powers, and you are getting a taste of all that is possible. This might be as simple as now seeing auras, or reading auras. I am learning how to use telepathy to speak with my twin flame. We are still practicing, we can speak to each other by sending a photo for instance.




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