5 Energy Vampire Types



imageI would like to address something very common, energy vampires. I am very familiar with this concept, as I am an empath. Usually energy vampires lack empathy, they are incapable of seeing things from another persons perspective. Whatever form these energy vampires take they have one thing in common, they cannot create or sustain their own life force. They latch on to and feed off of others, they suck the life out of you. My boyfriend deals with a family member like this and my past employer was eating me. They will drain all of your energy and leave you with nothing in return. Fear is the common denominator in these individuals. Their five personality types are paranoid, ethereal, insecure, passive-aggressive, and robotic.

  1. Paranoid.. An example of this would be soldiers still trying to win a war that no longer exists, they don’t trust anyone. They are especially fearful of the opposite sex, everyone is their enemy, life is their battleground. Fear is their main personality makeup. They often pick fights and are incapable of any long term relationships.

  2. Ethereal.. Most of these troubled souls were tortured in past lives for their different metaphysical beliefs, they learned to escape by leaving the body and that’s the norm for them today. These people are unwilling to let their consciousness completely reside in their body. They want to be left alone so they can leave their body. The result is aggression and withdrawing. Their psychic attacks are usually out of intense anger.

  3. Insecure.. These people had past lives where there was not enough food or love for them. They carry a fear of abandonment with them. They feel everyone around them is draining their energy, so they suck the energy from others to compensate. A lot of these energy vampires can have addictions as well. They use potty and play the victim.

  4. The Passive-Aggressive.. Their last incarnations were spent being controlled and trapped in situations. They may have been slaves, or prisoners, of their own doing. They desire freedom, but fear prevents them from getting it. They live in the now and have no concern for the future. They live in fantasies and ideas. They imprison themselves and project loneliness, desperation, and resentment.

  5. The Robot.. These types deny their true selves. In their past lives they were most likely running things, like they are now. The outer world looks perfect, the inner world is denied, and they have no core essence. They can feel that there is something missing. They envy other people, and believe the grass is always greener on the other side. These people will never have any satisfaction with their life.



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