Interesting Things About Zodiac Signs

Interesting things you should know about your Zodiac sign.
imageAn Aries has powerful eyes, they emit a warm glow that can be intimidating. They can become uncomfortable if you cry around them, it breaks their heart. An Aries has a courage and fire in them that a lot of people envy.








A Taurus can seem upset for no reason, it’s just that they like to work out their issues on their own. A Taurus can be really hard on themselves, they tend to blame themselves for everything. Taurus has a hard time with being manipulated, being financially unstable, and loving hard.






If you get a Gemini mad enough then listen carefully, they are about to unleash everything that’s been bothering them. Gemini don’t trust feelings or emotions. A Gemini had a third eye to see what really is going on.






Cancers don’t easily make friends, they go for depth over anything superficial. To a cancer their bed and their home is their sanctuary. Don’t ever lie to a cancer, they are very empathic and will see it coming, they won’t look at you the same after.






A Leo’s biggest asset is their biggest weakness, their heart. Leo’s live for love. The small details are what a Leo remembers the most. Leo is ruled by the Sun, heart of our Solar System. Leo’s are prone to ailments of the heart and the spine. Their body part is a chest, they love to have their love lay on their chest! Leo’s can become depressed and overeat causing back pain.





imageVirgo do not respond well to criticism, that’s because they are very aware of their own faults, and are working hard to fix them. Virgo worry a lot, they can see problems coming a mike away. Virgo like things done their own way, and they can become very OCD.


imageWhen a Libra is depressed or in a bad mood they can become hard to reach and distant. They have a diplomatic way of getting what they want. Libra know how to dust themselves off and try again, when they don’t succeed.







imageA Scorpio can ignore you so hard you begin to doubt your own existence. All a Scorpio wants is loyalty, organisms, and food. Scorpios seem light and cheerful, but secretly they are carrying around some of the darkest emotions you can imagine.





imageIf you give a Sagittarius a deadline they will comply, but 90% of the work is done the night before. A Sagittarius would rather walk away then deal with your bullshit. Sagittarius are heavy thinkers and they overanalyze.

imageCapricorns have a secret fear that everyone is judging them. Capricorns seem ride on the outside, but they will always be there for you.








imageAquarius will say exactly what they are thinking or stay silent. Aquarius are dangerous when they get to that hurt silent point, they are the ultimate game players, beware.








imagePisces believe in fairy tale love. When this sign is upset they will give you death stares as you ask them questions, they also will give you a smart ass response.