What Is This War On? written by: Jared Sullivan


Is this a War on Homelessness? A War on Equal Rights? A War on Religion? A War of Oil and Greed? A War on Drugs? A War on Terrorism? NO! This is a War on Creativity and Imagination a War Waged Against the Conscience of Humanity. Take a look around. School is a Place where creativity and out of the box thinking is punished and crushed and a place where Mimicry is praised. This is a World where they try to Bind creativity from a child at an early age. They use Tell – Lie – Vision to institute the Monkey See Monkey Do effect. And the Programming instituted into society is one that is shallow and self loathing, one that wants you to blend in and think like the rest of society.

One that will have you make fun of others who see a different perspective than you do. This is an inverted reality from the way it is meant to be. They use chemicheals and vaccines to help dull consciousness. Flouride in the water directly effects your pineal gland and that inturn makes you docile and steals your creativity. The last inversion they want is total government control. A world where the people have no rights and the government will dictate all facets of public and personal lives. Total Control over all things, thoughts and actions. A Total control over all creativity and imagination. Understand in the world we are supposed to be a part of nurtues and thrives individual creativity.

In an opposite world the waters would be free of flouride and micro dosed with a conscious creativity expanding element. ; ) This is a World where Science and Spirituality would help grow Creativity, Imagination and Consciousness.The world we will be a part of will be filled with empathetic psychic beings. There is going to be a complete over haul of society from every level. This is a world where Metaphysics, Science and Spirituality will walk hand in hand and technology and nature will flow together. A world where we take care of ourselves, the Earth and each other. And a world where the Earth takes care of us……..8D