Pharmaceuticals that are a gateway for lower energys



image     I would say I post controversial stuff on my Facebook. Other people might not align with my beliefs. For instance there is a huge amount of evidence that extraterrestrials made the human race and brought us to earth. It was their job, Source asked them to make humans. A lot of people, including my boyfriend don’t believe it, but for me it’s the truth.

I had a girl leave a photo comment that marijuana is a gateway for lower level energies and spirit attachment. This can be true if the person is using the marijuana to get high. Any drugs being used to get high, especially pharmaceuticals, can fast track you to a low vibration and dealing with negative entities. Crystal meth and Adderol are the worst drug there is. I say drug because they are virtually the same thing. Adderol is being handed out like candy to school age children as a control means. I was prescribed this for years as well, it broke down my body and was killing me from the inside out. My body is still repairing itself from the many medications that were prescribed to me by my doctors. Adderol fast tracks you down like Atlantis, because you will fall. With your new low vibration comes friends, low vibration, negative entity friends. That’s because it lowers your vibration all the way, and you attract back what you put out. Along with it also comes lots of low vibration problems. Your life will fall apart, relationship, finances, etc. These are medications being given to advanced children that are bored and can’t sit through our paradigm which clearly isn’t working!

I don’t believe that marijuana is bad in any way, I know first hand that medically it has amazing uses, and is a cure all drug. I don’t believe that drugs should ever be used to try to assess consciousness, I have done that with awful results. I use hemp oil, and canna butter for pain that I will have for the rest of my life, from a bad car accident. I was on many pharmaceuticals for many years, and it’s a miracle that I was able to come off of them. I am now healing my body from the years of damage I did to it by taking pharmaceuticals for so long. Everyday I get healthier, but I take very good care of myself now. I used to smoke and I was on so many medications in the past. So I was very unhealthy, without knowing it. When used the right way marijuana has so many medical uses, it can actually repair your DNA, so it can fix any problem. It’s good for nausea, which is something I suffer from a lot. We live in a society where real medicine is illegal and you are paying to take poised that prolongs your illness and makes pharmaceutical company’s rich. Our government wants people sick and dying, they are working on population control anyways.