Spiritual Detoxification




I would like to talk about detoxing, which is something everyone needs. Spiritual detoxification is something everyone could use even if it’s not a physical detox they need. Sparks and I went down a long road when we decided to take me off all pharmaceuticals. I was getting sick from the medications I was on and it made me sick to come off of them as well. The best way to detox your body and soul is to go in nature.

We went tubing in Johnstown, Pa and it was really beautiful. We were a couple of miles away from our end destination when it started to pour, I mean a lightening and thunder rain storm. I was in a bikini and shorts. We had to wait under a bridge for like 20 minutes for it to let up a little. I was detoxing from pharmaceuticals and the rain was so cold, I was shivering so bad. The rain helped to get the toxins out of my body though. We go to this waterfall in Ohio Pyle, Pa and it’s always freezing. We go under it to detox our bodies, we always feel amazing after. Any kind of nature helps absorb toxins. I heard an empath can get rid of negativity by burying their fingers in the dirt at the ground of a tree, the tree takes the negativity and makes it positive.

Change your eating habits, or even fast. Fasting means to remove processed foods, and caffeine or alcohol. You take in toxins from people, food, your environment. The best thing you can do for yourself is to eat high vibration food. We only eat high vibration food. What makes a good high vibration is its water content, so fruit and vegetables has a high content and meat barely has a vibration. Meat is really good for you because we have similar DNA to animals, so we need that protein.
Meditating is really good for spiritually detoxing. I try to meditate everyday on some capacity. Meditation opens you up and connects you to The Divine. Cord cutting is so good for detoxing to, pray to Archangel Michael to cut your cords. I do all the time!

Crystals are really good for detoxing too, I wear one around my neck all the time. Crystals have a perfect alignment, they are a great example of sacred geometry. Because of that perfect alignment, they can align us! I love crystals, they are very powerful. Some good crystals to use for detoxification are citrine, malachite, amazonite, bloodstone, and chryosprase. Citrine is good for releasing and old patterns of negativity. It can also bring happiness back into your life. Malachite can open your heart chakra. It can also bring healing energy through your entire body. Amazonite can help put you on your Divine path, it will give you energy to follow The Divine path. Bloodstone connects your soul to the body, it brings out the healer within. Chryosprase gets rid of past life blocks by releasing memories, it also resolves inner conflicts, it does both in a positive way.
You can take sea salt baths as well, I use chamomile Epsom salt now, I use sea salt with it on occasion. I also recommend my white light oil I sell, I use it for any type of purification needs. I used a lot of it when we moved into this new house. I have had Sparks rub it all over my whole body to help get rid of negativity I had going on from karma I was dealing with. You can picture your taking a bath in white light, or you can pray to have yourself put in white light.




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