7 Stages Of A Twin Flame Relationship



Twin Flame StagesI say you will know the second you see your twin flame or a soulmate that it’s a special connection. Love is a chemical reaction, but do you ever notice you can love someone then later repel that same person that you used to love. These are the 7 stages of a twin flame relationship:

Stage One: Recognition and Awakening, in this stage you realize you are twin flames, the two souls have to physically meet for this to happen. You will have a magnetic pull to be near this person, very similar to a soulmate connection, but stronger.

Stage Two: The Test, in this stage the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over. This is the period when pressure to commit would be considered. Fighting is inevitable during this stage. Both people are being asked to commit. At this point each twin still has their individual lives, they have to figure out how to merge them into one, and if they are ready for that.

Stage Three: The Crisis, this stage is full of fear and anxiety for both the twins, their faith is being tested. This is where they either breakup or they decide they want their relationship more. One of them will run.

Stage Four: The Running Stage, the running occurs after a crisis, I have personally ran many times from my flame, but in a parking lot, or out the front door, we are powerful magnets so it’s easy to repel each other. These relationships take a lot of inner work, it is a long process. It’s like any other type of relationship, you have to put the work Imani both be committed.

Stage Five: The Surrender, this stage is about letting go of that fear and anxiety and surrendering to love. Letting go of fear and judgement and living in love will change everything for you. If you give the runner freedom and space to work through their issues, the Universe will bring them back to you. Release the human ego and embrace the potential of The Divine.

Stage Six: The Illumination, this stage is where the twins fully wake up. This is where the flow of love is moving, this is a beautiful stage, you can feel the low flowing off of each of them.

Stage Seven: The Reunion, in this stage both twins are off the karmic wheel and they merge together to create infinite possibilities of this love. A physical merging occurs, and they create a Vesica Pisces, a sacred marriage. They then merge back into one, you can tell because they will be in perfect balance, perfect sync. The yin and yang. This is where they experience oneness.