Vibrations and Frequency

Everyone’s Vibrations Vary

Everyone has their own vibration.  Everyone vibrates at a certain frequency.  Everyone’s vibration and frequency varies, with the exception of your twin flame.  You were made with the same vibration, and the ultimate goal is to merge back into one, and once again to vibrate at the same frequency.  Your vibration varies depending on the scenario being manifested.  We are attuned to our own vibrations, this attunement is acted upon or varied by the forces surrounding or within us.
Vibrations act as a cohesive agent, it holds all things together in the natural world.  All bodies radiate those vibrations with which the body controls itself, in mental and physical.  This radiation is called an aura.  The Akashic Records holds the radiations that an entity left behind.  Plasma that have to do with coagulation are positive and pollens are negative.  Each organ of the sensory system reflect their own vibration.
I’m sure that you have heard the term low vibration.  You attract and see the things in your world based on the vibration you put out.  The universe is a giant mirror, so if you are putting a low vibration out there, then you will get nothing but low vibration results back.  We have all heard “we reap what we sow”, this is so true, from a vibration point of view.  I have nothing but love most of the time, so I get love given back to me.  Make peace with yourself and love yourself, this is the key.  To love yourself is to love the Divine, to love others is to love the Divine, as all is Divine.


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