Some Natural Remedies For Ascention Symptoms

imageWhen we unblock our chakras the toxins are filtered through our blood, leading to Ascension symptoms. The photonic electrical current runs through our body and through our chakras, I refer to this as Source energy. The goal is to get as much Source energy flowing through you as possible. The best way to alleviate your Ascension symptoms is to have some chakra clearing work done, my twin flame and I are really good at this. All health problems stem from having a blocked chakra, once you unblock it the issue will go away. It’s important to clear anything emotional, spiritual, and mental that are surrounding your physical body. These are some common Ascension symptoms I have experienced and any natural remedies I have found.

Ascension flu- we all know this achy flu like feeling. This is is caused by your chakras expanding and with this comes the toxins in your blood, the blood is then carried through your body, only it’s not compatible with the new energies. Aches, pains, fever, and even congestion in lungs are common. The best thing you can do in this situation is to rest! Cold lemon in your water will help get rid of these toxins. Honey is amazing for this. If your immune system needs a boost then add strawberries and bananas to your diet. Eat more enzymes it will help to flush out your body, this means fruits and vegetables. Take a bath with some type of salt and add some baking soda, this will draw the toxins out through your skin, I recommend a bath everyday.

Headaches- I have headaches all the time, and I look at this a good thing. This is caused by your 3rd eye expanding. It can also pain from your crown chakra opening. This can be caused by a block of energy, Reiki is amazing for this! Try to eat sunflower seeds for this. You can also ask your guides and angels to slow down the energy for you.

Dizziness- this can be caused by stress as well. It’s important to ground, but this means your dehydrated! You need to drink way more water now!

Nausea, gas, bloating, diarrhea- this is your solar plexus opening and clearing. Toxins and emotional energies are foreign to the body and they are stored in the intestinal lining, this is how your karmic ties are released. Aloe Vera juice is really good for this. Try ginger, it’s amazing for stomach issues.

Extreme tiredness or excessive energy- sometimes you can sleep, or your waking up at 3am. If your tired take a break and sleep. It is when we sleep that our body repairs itself and its when we sleep that our DNA can upgrade. Drink lots of water, you can charge it with Quartz crystals. If you can’t sleep take melatonin, this is what your body naturally makes to sleep. Chamomile tea or Valerian root is also good. Meditate, it will fix your sleep problems!

Hot flashes or sweating- you might be super hot, or having chills or goosebumps. When you feel cold or goosebumps it means to pay attention. I get the chills whenever I am around someone else tuned in or when my mother who passed is around. Hot flashes or sweating is a sign that the energy is flowing to quickly through your body. This is a good sign, it means all your chakras are unblocked, you just need to adjust to the energy. Embrace it and just shower or bath more to get the toxins out of your body.

Depression- depression is something that is normal, we should be depressed we are living on a planet full of problems. I went through a dark night of the soul which was very depressing. Try St. John’s wart and ommmming.

Heart palpitations and breathing problems- these are caused by the heart chakra expanding. Try relaxing, meditation should relax you!

Getting shocked or blowing up things electrically- this is a sign your reaching a higher vibration. This means you have too much energy, get into nature!