6 Ways To Ground Yourself

imageMany of us are experiencing Ascension symptoms associated with energy fluctuations. The entire planet is being hit with crazy electromagnetic energy right now. This energy is being filtered through the sun and once it hits our bodies it can have all type of effects. It is affecting everyone in a different way. It is so important to make sure you are grounding yourself. The best way to do this is to go in nature, meditate, or to cleanse your aura with sea salt or Epsom salt baths. If you don’t ground yourself or give your body the rest it needs it can be detrimental to your health. This energy has been gradually increasing, we have been being helped by Blue Avians that have been shielding this energy, so that we could handle it as a planet. If a person is not grounded they can crash and burn or blow out their electrical system. Myles see this happening now with Hillary Clinton. She isn’t of enough light, so she is short circuiting.

  1. Exercise- when you move your physical body it helps even out your energy flow.

  2. Walk on the earth- this is amazing to do barefoot. I recommend digging your fingertips into the soil at the base of a tree. Nature is the best way to get rid of negativity.

  3. Meditate- sit quietly and imagine roots going from your feet into the core of the earth, to imagine a cord coming from your feet to the core of the earth.

  4. Take a bath- I use Epsom salt and sea salt, you can add baking soda to detoxify.

  5. Relax- spend some time along in stillness, this will help you recharge.

  6. White light oil or a shaman stick- you can purchase either one in our store.