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twin flames relationshipSince my awakening I have never believed in concepts, I would question it and want the truth, its in my nature to know the whole truth, which the Universe clarified to me. Connecting me to my twin spirit. So what is a twin spirit or as some say twin soul about? When the soul has reached a higher level of consciousness it remains as one, however for it to come back down to a physical level the soul has to split into two.
The reality is that there is two of you in this physical plane. You have half the energy you originally had. This other half of you is your twin spirit/soul, so when you do cross paths again you instantly feel whole again.

Maybe you have doubts and don’t believe a single soul can split into two spirits come down to earth like falling stars, then reunite again into one. How else would one explain love at first sight?


Now your wondering where does this leave soulmates? Soulmates are from the same energy, try to see it like this, there is only one super soul of oneness and soulmates are cut from this same energy, they can be your close friends, family and even lovers.

Twin spirit/flame is part of your soul that has grown bigger and decided to separate into two, masculine and feminine energy. Through many cycles of reincarnation the two souls decide to merge again.soul-recognition-signs

Soul Recognition Signs

Listed below are soul recognition signs you can understand when you meet your twin soul, soulmate or twin spirit.

Energetic Connection

You feel the connection through your chakras, it starts in the root chakra travels up to mid chakras and then to your crown chakra, this is called the kundalini rising.

Romantic Connection

You may feel a romantic connection, when you have attraction to this person you may see yourself being with them in the future.

Magnetic Attraction

Ever had that instant attraction to someone you met? I am sure you have met someone like that and you could never understand why you felt that way. You would feel that magnetic pull when you meet your soulmate, twin spirit/soul.
Soul Recognition Signs

You recognize that this person is part of your soul and the connection has established itself in your energetic body.

Telepathic Connection

You seem to know their thoughts and feelings and empathic feelings.


You are noticing synchronicities, like the time of meeting or seeing the numbers 11:11 often.

Vivid Dreams

These dreams are more frequent than before, dreams of meeting your partner, astral dreams, intimate sensual dreams which feel real. You are meeting this person in a dream.

Their Presence

You feel they are around even when they are not physically present.


You seem to know them well, regardless of how much time you have spent together, there is a deep understanding even before the meeting.

Past life

You have vague memories of past life together, your soul recognizes them.


You both have the same shared interests.

Spiritual Awakening

Meeting them has triggered a spiritual awakening within you, kundalini rising or new awareness in your life and a deeper connection to source.

Similar life experiences

Often these experiences happen in the same time frame, but you just missed each other, the meeting never took place.


There could be a time where you are separated from them, throughout this time lessons are integrated.

The Runner And Chaser

Either one of you or both of you run from relationship because of fear, also one or both of you at some point want to make it work.

Mirror Projection

They might project personal issue you might be having, remember your other half is your mirror, so go work on yourself when needed.

Life Lessons

You learn new lesson in life from your soulmate or twin spirit, they can be profound.

Unconditional Love

Although unconditional love is projected from your twin flame, there are times when your soulmates might do the same, why not? We are just taught to love conditionally, so time to break through these layers of conditioning.

Sacred Sexual Union

Sex is no longer about satisfying yourself, but rather the complete union, understanding your partner and connecting on a deeper level.

You Miss Them

You are never over them, you miss them and always feel its not over, even though the physical circumstances prevent you from being together. You feel intense pain because of the separation.

There will always be a time in your life where you meet this certain person, you have no idea why you have so much love for them, when they leave, you can’t live without them, your soul aches. Have you met such a person in your life? Which of these soul recognition signs are familiar to you….?

twin flames relationship


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