10 Questions Every Cancer Patient Should Ask Their Oncologist



image10 questions you need to ask your oncologist with a witness and a recording device.  This is a list recommended by Dr. Glidden ND Healthcare, you can read more in his book The MD Emperor Has No Cloths On…

  1. Do your treatments cure my cancer? That’s a pretty good question, don’t you think?

  2. If your treatments don’t cure my cancer what should I expect them to do?

  3. What side effects will your treatments create?

  4. What is the possibility of this treatment, causing cancer?

  5. How are you going to treat the side effects?

  6. I would like to talk to 10 of your patients who have been treated for this type of cancer and see what their experience was like. Can you provide me with their contact information?

  7. How much money do you profit from these treatments?

  8. How much money does the hospital profit from these treatments?

  9. If you can’t cure the cancer, then why are you even attempting to treat it in the first place?

  10. If you were me, would you take the treatments that you are recommending?