On The Energies…

The 22nd will kick off some major energies.  Tomorrow is the Equinox, and we also shift into Libra Season.  Expect heightened energies, and heightened magic.  We will be continuing to feel the energies of the Equinox over the next few weeks.  Sep 25th we have a Libra New Moon.  That makes this week very important for what your manifesting.  Air is my favorite element to work with.  Expect things to get lighter, and to flow more.  Libra is ruled by Venus.  That means love is in the air.  This Libra Season is all about your love life.  Many need healing in this area.  The next few months will be powerful for any twin flame connections.  Many are being made aware they are doing the necessary work to come into a Twin Flame Union.  Many are in one, and are clearing and healing deep layers as different things are surfacing.  Many are waking up, and are recognizing karmic partners for what they are.  It’s so important your learning to trust your heart right now.  Only you can tell how you feel within a connection.  Pay attention to where your at with your love life right now.  Are there old wounds, or old connections blocking you from moving into a Twin Flame Union? Are you in a karmic situation? Karma is not deserved as we have been taught, it’s an attraction based on old wounding, fear, or insecurity.  No matter what your situation, as each soul plan is unique, we can tap into these energies for so much healing.  We are still in Mercury Retrograde until Oct 1st.  That means it’s very important that we are coming back into balance with ourselves and our energy right now.  Pay attention to how your giving and receiving.  If your the only one doing everything for everyone, time to pull back and reassess your connections.  Libra Season will be showing you how you need to be taking care of yourself more, and areas you need more self love.  We are right in between the light and the dark, right before the scales tip us into the darkness of Winter.  That means the veil between our world and the spiritual worlds is thinning.  It’s easier for our loved ones, and other spirits to visit us.  It’s also a time where the fairies dance into our world.  Expect to have heightened dreams, and visions right now.

Happy Magdalene Feast Day!

Millions of people around the world are celebrating.  Today is Mary Magdalene Feast Day.  Mary Magdalene works with the energies of the Divine Feminine.  Mary Magdalene is an Ascended Master helping to oversee things on a higher level.  She stands with those who need warrior energy to deal with issues in their environment.  She is a Priestess of the Rose.  The story went much different then we have been taught.  This was one of the most amazing love stories of all time.  The merging of two souls into one.  A mission of love and healing.  Trying to change the world.  Most of the true teachings were of Twin Flame Union and Ascension.  Mary went and carried on teaching.  She’s a symbol of the Goddess.  One that faded into the background as the patriarchy reined.  They replaced the Goddess with God and took control of the feminine.  There is a healing taking place now for the feminine energies on the Planet.  As your healing these energies within you’ll feel more and more of a call to open up to love, and to serve the light.  This is a sacred time for your soul here.  You may be seeing red roses this weekend.  If you are take this as a special sign.  Love is in the air as we are moving into the energies of the Lionsgate.  We are clearing a lot of energies and connections not serving us right now.  Try to just go with the flow in these energies.

Twin Flames…

Many of you may be feeling a longing to go home during this time.  This entire time your soul has been on such a journey.  I’ve only now realized the depth of separation that we came to experience.  Many of you have been away from your Twin Flame, or your Divine Counterpart.  A lot of the Planet is actually experiencing a Twin Flame Separation.  This can be hard if you have not met them yet in this lifetime.  Everyone is at different levels with this.  Some of you have met this person in this lifetime and may be either with them in Union, or for some back in that Separation.  For those that have not met them in the physical, your soul may be searching for something.  For some this is very unconscious.  A never quite being happy, feeling something is missing, or feeling alone.  In the higher realms you and your Twin Flame are always together.  There higher self is always there guiding you, along with yours.  That separation only exists here on Earth.  The goal is to do enough inner work to reunite here in the physical.  You have done this so many times with this one person.  Somewhere in the background you may sense or know this is what you want past everything.  Your soul will feel a deep desire for this love.  A deep pull for it.  A longing that has had you looking for it your whole life.  That’s because you have known it so many times before.  You were looking for them in each partner you ever had.  Anyone not your flame though will eventually become karmic falling away naturally.  That’s because your unique signature was only made for this One.  Anyone else is simply a catalyst.  There are things only the two of you can feel, or do together.  There are certain things only they can activate.  It may feel like suddenly your soul is trying to pull you somewhere.  You may physically have to move, or may be guided to move to another city.  That’s why it’s so important that your following your guidance.  It’s trying to lead you home on every level.  Sometimes your just sensing or knowing your supposed to be somewhere, or in a certain place at a certain time.  There is nothing more important then this connection.  Nothing past this connection will remain when you leave Earth.  Everything else fades away.  The same goes for here.  Your soul knows this is the only thing real in a world of illusion.  This is a connection that you forget every time, so you may have difficulty recognizing this other soul.  You have to feel the frequency.  When your together it will feel like it’s just the two of you in your own world.  You’ll feel this person around you all of the time on a higher level.  You will most likely feel them in Spirit long before you lay eyes on them in the physical.  You are always connecting in your dreams.  Twin Flames tend to be seeing the same signs.  That means you may be seeing the same synchronicity at the same time.  The Universe is always trying to bring you back together.  No matter how far either of you wander your always connected through forces of fate.  Time, space, distance, and even death can not keep you apart.  Certain souls are destined for each other.