Who Is God?

Someone just asked me to describe the concept of God. As you see many religions have tried to describe this concept, in fact entire religious books have been written trying to express the meaning of God. What you are seeking is a Source energy. The entire Universe is made up of this energy. It makes up everyone and everything. It is intelligent infinity.
Maybe we should go back to how people were actually made. This planet was seeded by extraterrestrials, they made people, and are our Guardians. That is why I dislike the word God, because it reminds me of Egypt. In Egypt they came to teach the people, but to their dismay these people worshipped them as Gods. This altered our entire history. This is why I prefer words such as the Creator, Elohim, or The Divine. If your looking outside of yourself for God, you won’t find it. It’s a Source energy you seek and it’s within you and within everyone. So if you want to find God you can be nicer to people, because everyone else is God. This Source energy is going to be a love energy. So where there is hate there is very little of it, and where there is love there is infinite amounts of it.

Spiritual Merge

My twin flame and I just had a profound spiritual experience together. We just had an amazing spiritual merge that was so amazing. Energetically we are reaching higher and higher dimensions together. It is so amazing be seeing these amazing things! This love is taking us so deep!

Energy Healing

Energy is full of fundamental and interesting facts. Energy is eternal. As in it is a substance that can not be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed into other forms. This means energy is eternal. Energy is also conscious, as in aware. Healing your body using energy is much more effective then herbs or medication. Energy healing targets the energy structures in the body. These exist at a deeper level then the physical structures of the body. Herbs and medications will only heal the body on a physical level, and most ailments are spiritually based. Herbs and medications aren’t effective at healing the deeper distortions of your light body. Energy healing is the process of healing mixed with thought and intention, which is very powerful. Many quantum physicists have found evidence showing that the core blocks of matter are made of energy. It has been demonstrated that thoughts and intentions will affect how energy behaves. Everything is made of energy, and our thoughts and intent affect that energy. It is best to combine energy healing with holistic alternatives.

The Threefold Flame…

The threefold flame is within our heart chakra, this is our Divine spark. This is referred to as the inner Christ or inner Buddha. Heart surgeons can not see this invisible compartment in everyone’s heart, but they know it exists. We each have a secret chamber in our heart. Each flames plume represents love, wisdom, and power. This Divine spark leads to immortality. The heart chakra is our link to Divinity. That I AM presence placed a flame in all of us, that is the essence of itself. This flame is the essence of God. Our body’s are holy temples, and each of us is working on these plumes. The goal is to have each plum the same length and in perfect balance. These flames are the holy trinity expressing itself in the material form. These colors can be correlated to many religions notions. The energy with the blue plume is said to relate to the father, the yellow plume to the son, and the pink plum to the Holy Spirit. They also correspond to the fact that we are mind-body-soul complexes. The actual meanings to these flames is power, wisdom, and love. The blue plume represents power. It’s the desire of the soul to do the will of God. The yellow plume represents wisdom, it’s about illumination and the right use of the knowledge of the Laws. The pink plume represents love and compassion, this is the essence of God.

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that describes the primal life force that is in all living beings. This is sometimes referred to as Prana or Chi. When you activate your kundalini it starts the process of enlightenment. We then realize we are mind-body-soul complexes and that we require complete balance. We are seeking an expanded state of consciousness and to be once again connected back to our Source. The illumination of kundalini in the brain allows us access to Oneness. The kundalini awakening is the awakening of the oneness you once shared.. When you meet your twin flame your chakra centers will pull you closer to each other. This pull is something you will feel even when your thinking about each other. This magnetic pull is very apparent. Kundalini awakening and twin flame activation is part of the recognition process.

Soul Splits

All people want is to be loved. Some of us spend our whole lives looking outside of ourselves for love, this leads to confusion. Self love is the ultimate love, once you master that you can reunite with your twin flame who is you, the other half of your soul. We search for a spiritual love without having mastered the spiritual aspects of ourselves. Every cell in your body is made of Divine love, this is something you learn to radiate to others. If you are searching for love then you have to be love.When you don’t love an aspect of yourself it can cause a piece of your soul to leave and flee to the other realm, it doesn’t return. This is caused a soul split. It is very common and caused by trauma or emotional pain. When this happens it can cause a hole in your aura, which leaves you open to lower, or negative entities. We must all work on healing ourselves and retrieving any aspects of our soul that we have lost along our journey. There are many Shamanic healers here to serve you.

Sacred Marriage

Everyone’s soul is pure Divine energy. Your soul is made up of 12 equal flames, these are energy shards, that vibrate at the same frequency. Your soul vibrates at a frequency that is in tune with its blueprint. We all have the choice to raise our vibrational frequency and ascend. As we do raise our vibrational frequency we become more in tune with the cosmos and its pulse. We did not come here alone, we always incarnate with our soul group. This means that as the that your on the same frequency and vibration as your soul group. Your entire soul group vibrates together into higher dimensional states. Your soul group belongs to a cluster of soul groups, these all form an energy pool. We all come from the same Source, as in we are all one. The goal is to complete yourself as a person and to reunite with your twin flame. This is someone with the exact same vibrational frequency. This love, and sexual energy is divine and pure, it is life force energy. This energy is so beautiful, it is meant to be used with immense love and to create. This is the merging together of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine, this is the flame that resides in the Creator himself. Two separate entities come together as one. These flames have a third component that is unseen, this is revered to as the Holy Spirit. These three components form a sacred triad. This is the foundation of all creation. This is Sacred Marriage.

Sexual Energy

Tantric sex has Hindu origins, it is ancient. It is the weaving and expansion of energy. This can create a mind-body connection and can lead to powerful organisms. It is actually a spiritual practice that expands consciousness and joins together the polarities of the Divine masculine and the Divine feminine energy into a whole. This is an act of merging two halves of a soul back into one, or oneness. This sacred marriage only works with your twin flame. It is really important that you are aware that when we have sex with anyone we are participating in an energy exchange of sorts. If you are merging with the wrong person it can have very bad effects on your energy and can be draining. Sex was meant to be used as a key to psychic power, but some people give away their power by giving their love to the wrong people. Sexual energy is just one dimension of many on our spiritual paths, but we must become more aware in all of our relationships. The highest expression of love is two halves of the same Source merging back into one. This love is a spiritual awakening and a way to connect with your beloved.

Twin Flame Reunion

twin flame reunion
You come back together with your twin flame as a reunion once you complete yourself as a person. If you are broken or looking for a relationship to fulfill you that is what you will attract back. This is why when we are broken we attract back broken people. Twin flames are two bodies from one soul, that chose to incarnate to Earth to experience duality. We all came here to learn and to grow in some way. The point is to come here and to create separate identities as souls then to reunite. Once you are reunited the goal is to live in peace, love, and harmony and to ascend. The purpose of this relationship is so you can face yourself. This is your gift from the Divine to help you expand and raise your consciousness together. Any work you can do now will affect both of you, even if you are still choosing separateness. The reason for this is twin flames have the exact same vibration, as in even apart you share the same energy. This is why anything lowering your vibration will lower your twins vibration as well. Any inner work you are doing will impact your twin because you only have one soul.

Balancing the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine

img_4125Now is a time of relationships and partnerships. We need to let go of codependency and control dramas permanently. We are all learning how to balance the divine masculine and the divine feminine and in order to be reunited you have to heal any inner child issues such as fear of abandonment. It’s these fears that manifest in a negative or codependent way. We are all making shifts deep within, as in we are making inner shifts that will soon reflect into the outer world. Go with the flow, stay grounded, and stay balanced. Change is coming and as we are changing ourselves, we are shifting out of the old and into the new. Have faith that the Universe is moving you where you need to go. Work on healing this separateness so you can be reunited with your flames, for sacred marriage is the goal.