Woman’s Day

I just saw it was International Woman’s Day, so I had to Google that to see exactly what this is, and according to Google it’s a “call on the masses to help forge a better working world, one that’s more inclusive and of gender equality.” I love these type of topics because we have the most dysfunctional holidays in the US. Let’s recap with a history lesson. The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine are here to work in complete balance together. This is exactly why woman were degraded and stripped powerless, until the system wanted control of your children. This was a game changer in order to achieve this the Elite started the Woman’s Right Movement. This leads us to modern day. You are all slaves right now. Even with endless knowledge none of us are free yet. We are batteries charging a system that isn’t serving us. We are seen as nothing more then energy containers to be stripped energetically. The genders have never been equal. Once you come back together in perfect union with your other half, your twin flame, your skills will be more obvious. While me and my twin flame are equal, our skills definitely are not equal. We need to learn to embrace our similarities and our differences. This is why gender differences are being so heavily exploited, anything to keep us distracted from the fact that we are in a prison with extravagant systems that lock us in place. I’m trying to create a better world, and I assure you woman have never been inferior. In fact I’m the one out of my union that has been gifted with the abilities to see and create a new future. Woman are the manifesters so if you control woman you control the future of humanity. Only thru love unity will we defeat the negative entities that are controlling humanity. More love, for everyone!