Merkabah Activations

We are all Divine living in a human body. Your body is your temple, literally. Your light body, or your Merkabah, is your body, for they are not separate. As you awaken you will begin to live more and more in your light body. Right now we are all reversing damage from having lowered our vibrations so much for so long. Your light body is operating at a higher frequency then you, so we have to raise our vibrations to be in our true form. Your light body actually stores the electrical ions that connect all your sub-atomic particles in synchronistic synergy in alignment with Source. We have many aspects to our light body, so as we heal and clear we open up more. We are all merging to become with our higher self. We each have blue, violet, white, and gold light bodies, that operate as one body of light even though they operate on different frequencies. We activate the comings on a cellular level. This cleanses the cells on a cellular level and will help you accept your fear, trauma, darkness, and duality consciousness with love and acceptance. We transmute the physical and etheric blueprints to open you up to your unlimited self. Your etheric blueprint hold the memories of everything you ever have been, and everything you will be.

Some benefits of Merkabah or lightbody activation:

1. A harmonious state of physical being.
2. Being in complete harmony with all beings of creation.
3. Being aligned with your Divine self completely, you will be in the complete flow
4. Having a state of love and Oneness with all beings
5. Becoming open to the 5th dimensional level of your violet lightbody

You can set up a Merkabah or lightbody activation in our store under services