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New Moon In Taurus


 New Moon In Taurus

We have a New Moon the 15th in Taurus.  This sign is one that paves the way for huge cosmic shifts.  Taurus brings change with it, and has a tendency to insert itself slowly, with dramatic effects.  This moon will be most profound as one of new beginnings.  The same day we have this New Moon Uranus shifts into Taurus.  Whenever we have big planets making shifts a certain energy is felt within and around us.  Taurus energy is about security and stability.  This is a sign that has mastered love and finances.  While this sign creates security, it’s aware that real security
comes from within.  Things are about to change within and without.  With this Taurus and Uranus energy it’s important that we surrender to these changes.  While this Moon may bring lots of drastic changes, Taurus is a subtle energy it can tend to be extreme once noticed.  As our perceptions are evolving and shifting so is our level of understanding.  Taurus is a sign that can feel everything.  Being open to these changes will lead you to more positive probabilities.  This New Moon is bringing with it lots of creative energy.  When we focus on the old we lock ourselves In on the vey prison timeline people seek to escape.  We all understand the old issues.  We must work on creating new realities now.  Your being guided to continue activating yourself through these changes.  Any resistance to these changes is to resist yourself.  This moon is idea for love and relationships, as well as positive financial changes.  

Energy Report For May 2 2018


energetic alliances

I just wanted to let you know that important counsels were held about you today. These counsels are being held in regard to the future of humanity, which is completely intertwined with you.  Powerful energetic conjunctions are forming, elements aligning with the power in unity.  These counsels are formed through love and a desire to serve.  Universal matches based on specific galactic missions.  Today was monumental for the course of humanity.  These energetic alliances coming together will bring with them the original soul languages of love as well as true peace and liberation.

Shifting To Holy Grail Love Templates

holy grail love templates

Things have been signifying things out of alignment, like our calendar system.  Because of this misalignment the energy will affect people strongest out of any Moon of the year.   This Full Moon in Scorpio will make you aware of your desires on a deeper level.  Yesterday Saturn turned retrograde, and the 22nd Pluto will turn retrograde as well.  This will bring about a major need to get more organized and disciplined.  This will make people feel a need for freedom on all levels.  Venus is in Taurus and the Sun is shifting into Taurus.  Taurus is a patient, stable sign that works hard.  This combined with the Pluto retrograde will show you that a deep inner transformation is necessary on every level.   The major influences that will be coming up will involve finances and all matters of love.  This energy is one of material abundance. It’s also one of the senses.  It should allow you to tune in much easier.  These energies will be conflicting and will be easier to navigate as your progressing spiritually.  We are about to see a new paradigm of love, not the one people talk about now.  As these illusionary systems are being revealed people will see that twin flame concept for what it is, another deception to hide a truth.  Those illusions will reveal themselves as nothing more then another layer of ego programming, making way for the holy grail love templates.  Your relationships are meant to crumble to make way for higher ideals people have to see or remember yet.

Huge Energetic Shifts Today


Energy Astrology Report

This energy should be showing you that you need to slow down with everything.  Things need time to settle and you need time to focus on more long term plans.  This journey is about connecting you to yourself.  Everything is unfolding exactly as it should be in perfect timing.  You have been shown glimpses of your future and it’s extraordinary, but you must stay in the present.  This month will bring a lot of heavy energy with it.  Today is bringing with it a huge energetic shift.  Chiron is moving out of Pisces into Aries.  This placement will remain in this position until 2027, already bringing with it prophetic undertones.  Chiron is here to help guide people through the process of healing and clearing past wounds we brought with us into this life.  We brought many lessons that were of a deeper spiritual nature.  As we begin to remember and integrate this knowledge it’s causing shifts on many subconscious and energetic levels.  This placement acts as a bridge or doorway between the old and the new.  This is not the only energy shift we are going through the remainder of the month.  The incoming energy will be testing us spiritually to prepare us for the Scorpio full moon.

New Moon In Aries


New Moon In Aries

We have a storm about to hit us.  We have a New Moon in Aries Sunday.  This new wave of energy is coming to implement change.  Since the last energy wave we have been shown the things that have not been working in our lives.  With change things must come to an end.  This energy is all about thinking and manifesting bigger.  We must make these changes.  The first
step to change is to shift your attitude.  We can not ever fix external problems on that level, we fix them internally.  Everyone wants change but in order to do that we have to leave our current comfort zones.  This Energy wave should be used to break any bad habits, or to break down anything not serving you.  We can chose to make simple or drastic changes here.  The Universe is always guiding you, so stay very open to everything.  When we close ourselves off we are only closing our own probabilities.  Be patient, it can take time before we can even understand how to best implement these changes.  Mercury goes direct at this same time.  It will take time for us to understand and comprehend this new information.  This will be a volatile intense energy.  Just be aware of this if your Moon energy sensitive.   This energy will allow you to understand yourself on a deep level.  This energy will help you awaken and discover and uncover new aspects and new understandings about yourself.

Empathy And Compassion

Empathy And CompassionThis energy is a good time for you to realize you may be at a place where you should be requesting more Galactic assistance.  It may feel like your alone, or isolated, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  If people could realize the interconnectedness of everything they might show more compassion. This New Moon energy in Pisces is all about empathy and compassion.  A lot of people are not able to handle all of the emotions and feeling rising to the surface.  Any internal purging is to make at for more light, and the end result is always purification.  Ask your guides and angels for more assistance.  There are certain rules with free will, so we need to be more clear with what we need or want.  If your feeling the need to run from anything, I suggest never running away.  We should only ever run to something. Use more discernment during these times.  I know a lot of people are comfortable with the way things are.  Many things are about to crumble, and these effects will and are effecting all of humanity.  Only in destruction can we have creation.  Let go of that need to plan what is going to happen in your life.  Pisces represents duality and surrender.

Compatible Love Signs

People are like chemicals and you want to stick to like elements to avoid having a toxic situation. Here’s a list of compatible astrology signs.

Aries- Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Taurus- Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces

Gemini- Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius

Cancer- Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus

Leo- Libra, Sagittarius, Aries, Gemini

Virgo- Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer

Libra- Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, Leo

Scorpio- Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo

Sagittarius- Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra

Capricorn- Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio

Aquarius- Aries, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Pisces- Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn

Gifts For Each Zodiac Sign

Just in case anyone needs any last minute gift ideas for each zodiac sign..

Aries- This is an impulsive and active sign that rules the brain, head, and face. Dazzling jewelry, or some type of gadget, such as a video game console or an iPhone. Aries like to cook so kitchen stuff is always a good idea.

Taurus- This sign loves luxury yet practicality and is ruled by the throat. You may want to put some thought into getting a Taurus a gift, they have high standards. Food or wine is always the best, take them to a nice restaurant.

Gemini- This is an easy sign, they love everything! Gemini rules the mind so anything to do with communication or travel. Gift certificates for something your Gemini wants or likes is best.

Cancer- This sign is all about etiquette, so you might want to wrap it nice with a bow. Give them something heartfelt and sincere. Give them something you made yourself. They love to be pampered, so a gift certificate at a spa would be the next best thing.

Leo- This sign loves special events of any kind, so the more elaborate of a presentation the better. Make sure your the center of attention wherever you are going. Anything flashy or blingy will do, some gemstones they like are ruby, diamond or topaz.

Virgo- This sign is very practiced, but very picky. Make sure you give them something they will like or use. Books are a good idea if hey read, but it has to be something they like. This is a sign that you should ask what they want.

Libra- This sign loves gifts, in fact you should get them two wrapped separately! They like actual act of opening the gifts. This is a sign that seeks peace and harmony. Get them an opal necklace, this is a stone of a Libra. Knicknacks for their home is ideal.

Scorpio- This is a sign that loves gifts! They like the mystery of what is hidden inside. They love mysterious things! They like colors like maroon, garnet, or black. They love metaphysical things so a tarot deck or some crystals is ideal.

Sagittarius- This sign loves adventure and travel! They hate boring activities. Take them somewhere exotic, or go away for a weekend with them. Take them somewhere they have never been.

Capricorn- This is a sign that loves simplicity and design. Make sure you wrap it with no creases. They like things made from scratch. Get them something they will actually use. A bathrobe, a warm blanket, etc.

Aquarius- This sign has a sense of humor and they like to socialize. This sign wants something unusual. They like fashion or anything futuristic. Get them a telescope or another gadget that will help them learn about the Universe.

Pisces- This sign likes to dream! They are artistic, spiritual, and creative. This sign loves romance, jewelry, art, history, and religion. They also love music and animals. This is the type of sign that wants a gift certificate to a pet store. Aquamarines, amethysts, and other watery stones fascinate them.

Astrology Compatibility

Here are signs that are compatible for each sign. Remember people are just like chemicals so we all have to stick with like elements to get a good reaction.

Capricorn- Most compatible Taurus and Virgo. Stay away from fire and air elements.

Aquarius- Most compatible Gemini and Libra. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Pisces- Most compatible with Cancer and Scorpio. Stay away from fire and air elements.

Aries- Most compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Taurus- Most compatible with Virgo and Capricorn. Stay away from air and fire elements.

Gemini- Most compatible with Libra and Aquarius. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Cancer- Most compatible with Scorpio and Pisces. Stay away from fire and air elements.

Leo- Most compatible with Aries and Sagittarius. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Virgo- Most compatible with Taurus and Capricorn. Stay away from air and fire elements.

Libra- Most compatible with Gemini and Aquarius. Stay away from water and earth elements.

Scorpio- Most compatible with Cancer and Pisces. Stay away from fire and air elements.

Sagittarius- Most compatible with Aries and Leo. Stay away from water and earth unless you want a disaster.

Soul Mission by Zodiac Sign

Here is what your soul mission would be in relation to your horoscope sign.. remember all female signs have a negative polarity and all males have a positive polarity.

Capricorn- You are here to learn independence and freedom. Your lesson is detachment of material things, if you can let go of material things you can master co-creating your reality.

Aquarius- Life is to be led consciously being service-to-others in some way. Those with this as a sun sign are on a group mission to help humanity in some way. Your lesson to learn is to balance Saturn and Uranus in your lifestyle, and human relationships.

Pisces- Your here to overcome the struggle of duality. Your learning to fuse your personality with your higher self. Your working on destroying your past and creating the future. Your lesson to learn is the meaning of Divine love.

Aries- Your here to create a separate identity, this is the birthplace of ideas. Your here to overcome anger and embrace love. Your lesson to learn is love, this starts with self love.

Taurus- Your here to establish a sense of true meaning and value in life. Your here to learn about non-attachment. You have to let go of anything material, only spirituality can be obtained and kept.

Gemini- You here to have many experiences. You will learn so much because you will have a variety of experiences. Get over being restless, your lesson is learning how to control your mind.

Cancer- This incarnation is the first cohesive anchoring of the soul in a physical body for a new cycle. Your most important task is to ground yourself, stabilize your own inner anchor. Let go of possessiveness and work on your lesson. Your lesson is to grant loved ones the freedom to be who they are.

Leo- This incarnation is a search for wholeness within yourself. Your developing sense of individuality. To know yourself is to know all. You have an amazing creativity, this is from having great self-awareness. Your here to overcome that desire for an external throne. Your here to learn self mastery, and that the throne you seek is within.

Virgo- Your incarnation is meant to be spent in search of being of meaningful service. Your meant to be incorporating Christ Consciousness into all aspects of your life. Your here to learn discernment.

Libra- Your incarnation entails a search of a soulmate. Your learning to perceive better judgement with other people. Your attempting to balance the polarities of life. Your here to conquer the urge to always be right. Your here to learn the lesson of the balance of will, love, and intelligence in every situation.

Scorpio- Your incarnation is an arduous one, your seeking transformation. Your here to win the battle of Armageddon, this is an internal battle though. Your engaging in a struggle between your lower selfs desires (ego) and your higher self (soul). Your here to overcome selfishness. Your here to learn the lesson of self sacrifice.

Sagittarius- Your incarnation involves a search of wisdom. This is the best objective one can have. Wisdom will liberate your soul and allow you to live consciously. Your here to overcome procrastination, we have to help create our reality. Your here to learn the lesson of being a channel for wisdom.