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On The Energies…

Many people are still feeling the upgrades as we are adjusting to the energies of the 11:11 Portal.  Today is Friday the 13th.  This cosmic alignment is all about the divine feminine.  Friday is a day named after the Goddess Venus.  The lunar calendar is also made up of 13 months.  When we see the energies of Friday and the number 13 come together it creates a powerful portal.  The energy now is all about the Goddess.  Friday the 13th is a powerful day for manifesting.  Today’s energy is especially powerful since tomorrow is a New Moon.  Tomorrow’s New Moon, in Scorpio, is also a Super Moon.  It is the third of three Super Moons we have had in a row.  It’s the last Super Moon of the year.  A Super Moon is where the Moon is orbiting closer to the Earth then normal.  That means we will feel it’s affects so much more.  This New Moon has a theme of the Phoenix and is bringing the energy of a rebirth with it.  This is powerful energy for a new spiritual beginning.  This Super Moon will help us in completing a cycle.  This energy is also a bridge that will take us into Eclipse Season.  Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius might be feeling these energies a little extra.  Since we are going through so many upgrades so fast, this energy may be making you a little more sleepy.  We are still very much feeling and integrating the energies of this week’s 11:11 Portal.  Really tune into your physical body at this time.  Really listen to what it’s needing.  This is a powerful space to be healing and activating yourself.  That is exactly what these energies are being sent to us for.  The frequencies are really high this week and we are adjusting to a lot of lightbody upgrades.  It’s a good time to catch up on rest, to meditate, or to journal.  We are instant manifesting.  That is why it’s a good time to slow down and to really be with your thoughts.  Get aligned with whatever it is you truly desire and leave it with the Goddess.

We Are Meditating Saturday…

We did a beautiful meditation for 11:11.  We have another meditation event set up for Saturday for the Scorpio New Moon.  These are online meditations.  It’s very important that we are coming together to meditate.  When we do we are activating ourselves, but also we are activating the entire planet.  Make sure you sign up to join us for the meditation.  Once you do you’ll be emailed a link to the Facebook group we are using…


Super Full Moon in Scorpio…

We have a lot of energetic changes ahead of us.  We are learning how to navigate new frequencies.  Tonight’s Full Moon in Scorpio is the end of this Supermoon Season we have been in.  It’s the last Supermoon of the year.  It’s been a deep release for many this past few months.  This year we have a huge focus on making the subconscious conscious. Many are awakening or becoming more aware with these energies.  This energy may feel intense for many.  It tends to amplify how your already feeling.  That’s why it’s very important that we are focused on love and healing.  The veil is still at a very thin place this week.  There are many messages and gifts being brought through.  This month will bring with it a lot of transformation.  We are instant manifesting in these energies.  Next week we go into Retrograde Season.  This Retrograde Season will help prepare us to enter June.  June will shift us into Eclipse Season.  Don’t fall into the shadow side of this Scorpio Full Moon which is jealous, controlling, or possessive.  Use this energy to release the past, or to explore your psychic abilities.  You should be feeling extra tuned in right now.

Happy Valentines Day!

Tonight we have a Scorpio Moon that is opposite Taurus.  That means there is a ton of creative and highly sexual energy flying around.  These energies have also been making things very intense.  As we continue to move forward with this process we are able to feel more and more.  These energies are asking us to open up on deeper levels.  Any of these energies are just amplifying whatever is already going on.  This could be an amazing shift if your in a relationship.  This is also an amazing time to be clearing any thing outdated when it comes to your relationships.  We are also in a Retroshade as we are shifting into a Mercury Retrograde in a few days.  Lilith is also stirring things up this week.  You may be having more profound dreams, astral experiences, or even an increase in telepathy.  The more we release the lighter we become.  This is making us much better receivers.  We are being encouraged to step away from how our relationships look and to get back to how they should be feeling.

We are doing a guided meditation and relationship clearing on Sunday.  This will be an amazing energy exchange.  Here is the link to sign up and join…



Pluto Shifts Direct…

This is a good time to do some cleaning and cleansing.  We have Pluto that is shifting direct.  This is helping us settle anything karmic.  Pluto rules Scorpio, which represents death and rebirth.  It also governs the psyche and our spiritual powers.  As we are making this shift some people are noticing the resistance of the ego.  Pluto is here to break down those barriers.  There are subconscious programs we need to continue to break through.  This shift is also an amazing time for a new beginning.  We are getting rid of lots of people and experiences no longer serving us.  This leaves space for you to create something new.  Pluto is moving direct in Capricorn.  This will help you shift your focus back to matters of your work and home life.  This is an amazing time to use the rest of Libra season to continue to find balance.  Make sure your energy is in alignment.  Work on doing more things that are good for you.  Add some better foods, ditch any bad habits.  It’s also an amazing time to bring more balance to your personal space.  It’s important you are making your space sacred.  Do some redecorating, or make sure to wrap up any old projects.  Cleanse your space as well.  I recommend using more sage or palo santo this time of year.

Activating The Unconscious..

This energy may be bringing any unresolved traumas or trapped emotions to the surface.  It may be stirring areas of your soul that you haven’t visited for a while.  A lot of people are not consciously aware of  this ascension or the increasing energies.  This is an important time for humanity.  These energies are creating massive shifts.  They are also purifying us on a soul level.  We have spent a lifetime storing emotions in our energy centers.  These energies are flushing them to the surface.  They are raising us in frequency activating these purge cycles.  Despite this, it’s very important that you realign with your higher timelines through staying positive about your outcomes and manifesting them.  This energy is pushing you to take a deeper responsibility for what your creating.  This is an amazing time to explore the unconscious.  This energy is creating an amazing portal into the world of dreams.  Whether awake here, or asleep dreaming.

Full Blue Moon Tomorrow..

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon in Scorpio.  This is a Blue Moon and one that’s been long awaited.  Scorpio represents death and rebirth, and the Moon will be leading us into a spiritual transformation.  We are building the foundation for our new lives.  We do this first energetically.  This energy is pushing you to set aside your ego to heal deeper.  This energy will be getting very intense, but there is an element of magic in the air.  This energy is trying to guide you to a better alignment.  We are being asked to remain in gratitude to create more of the abundance we deserve.  While the Taurus energy is slow this month, it is powerful in manifesting.  Creating balance will continue to be our theme for the next few months.  Go within, clear your inner realms of self.  Anything unhealed must be realised now.  This Moon represents Buddha Wisdom.  It’s meant to push us towards enlightenment ultimately, this may look more like a purge though for some.

Shifts In Love And Finances..

We can expect many plot twists in your story.  Venus has arrived to her home Taurus.  While things may feel slow moving in areas such as love and finances, they are anything but.  The only obstacles to you living your dream life are you.  The resistance has always been your own blocks.  Get ready for the ultimate purge.  These energies are about to sweep through bringing many things to the surface.  Old emotions, that need clearing.  Mercury is also here to assist.  Since May 6th this spiritual messenger has been sitting with the Sun.  These transits are meant to open you up on a soul level.  Your full potential is waiting.  You may need to stop and get things in order energetically.  We have a merger of energies happening, these energies are creating portals to new probabilities.  This is a powerful time for creating something new more in alignment with who you are spiritually.  It’s also a time of a huge collective change upon us.

Mercury Retrograde Moves Into Scorpio

We continue moving through these Ascension energies.  This is the luckiest energy of the entire year.  It’s very important that we are using it to manifest our dream realities.  There is an element of magic in the air.  This Full Moon, we just had, shifted us into the mental aspect of ourselves.  This Mercury Retrograde is shining a light on your thought patterns.  Any negative programming is the confines of your reality.  A deeper liberation is in sight for humanity.  As we are completing this cycle things really have come full circle karmically.  Your actions now determine your future.  Each action has an energetic reaction.  It’s time we shift into higher states of gratitude.  This is the mindset of manifesting.  Aries in Mars is bringing people’s frustrations to the surface.  We have this Mercury Retrograde shifting into Scorpio, as well as Venus.  This conjunction will be a transit into healing.  This is meant to spark relationship transformations.  Any shadows in your relationships will surface.  Seeing only the best in people has a way of disillusioning us.  We are going through some major surges of energy, and they will really intensify in December.  Use this energy as a recharge.  

Scorpio New Moon

The Sun and Moon meet today in Scorpio.  Scorpio is Pluto ruled, God of the Underworld.  This energy is pushing you to remove the layers.  It’s about diving deep within the depths of your soul, too emerge knowing who you are.  The Underworld represents the subconscious.  Are your words matching your thoughts when it comes to manifesting? This is an energy that makes every thought your having right now a seed your planting.  Your intentions will grow, materialising into the physical with the next storm.  It’s important that your thoughts align with how you feel.  This entire process is to bring you back to Divine love.  It’s time to remove any programming blocking you from love, it’s not serving you.  How you feel about love is what you will attract in a partner.  How you feel about yourself will be reflective in all of your relationships.  For so many people they keep getting reflected back the missing love from within.  If you don’t love yourself completely, you will continue to draw incomplete people to you.  This energy is all about personal transformation, and changing your perspective when it comes to love.  It starts with changing how you see and feel about yourself.  This is a healing energy giving you an amazing chance to release any of your limitations.  It’s time to release any emotional programming not serving you.  This is a powerful energy.  Jupiter is preparing to move into Sagittarius.  This is about finding new life.  To do this we must release the old.