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DNA Repair/ Activation…

This weekend we are moving into a much need integration.  I bet your feeling that energy crash now.  That’s because our body needs a second after receiving all those energies.  We just moved through some major DNA upgrades.  Now in order to fully activate your DNA that’s is a lot of healing that has to happen.  Any karma you may have owed out needs to be cleared.  This could be karma you brought into this life with you, or any accumulated in this life.  The karmic cycles coming up right now are major events, deeper patterns, and emotions around certain situations.  Any karma very much influences the coding of our DNA.  Once you do clear the karma your soul will move you on to an ascension path.  That’s why we see so many people not yet waking up.  We also have a lot of intergenerational trauma, and damage within the family lines we are clearing.  All very connected to what is in your DNA.  It’s all coming up and out within these energies.  A lot of the time when we do go through a spiritual awakening we wake up with a lot of work to do In repairing and activating our DNA.  Eating more fruits and vegetables will help you so much.  Apples, mangos, blueberries, orange juice, apricots, watermelon, papayas, mushrooms, broccoli, and leafy green vegetables help in repairing any DNA damage.  Vitamin B’s, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E are all amazing for your DNA.  Alcohol, smoking, and eating meat are all awful for your DNA.  A lot of processed foods are full of carcinogens (cause cancer).  Ditch the white sugar. I’ve replaced mine with honey.  There is such a link between DNA damage and sugar causing diabetes and cancer.  Ditch the table salt.  Replace it with sea salt, or Himalayan salt.  People who eat a lot of the table salt tend to have more breaks in their DNA.  We are not meant to age as we do.  It’s actually from DNA damage and stress.  That’s why if you do fully heal and activate your DNA you’ll stop aging.  You’ll start to look younger.  Energy healing helps the most in repairing and activating your DNA.  The right frequencies can be so powerful.  We have two templates a 2 strand 3D carbon template and a 12 strand crystalline and above, 5D template.  The goal is to activate those higher DNA templates.  Expect major DNA work through the rest of this year.

Scientists Claim To Be Synthesising DNA

Fuck Brexit your food is changing your DNA.  This week they announced a scientific breakthrough with synthesising DNA.  They claim to now hold the blueprints.  We are seeing the affects of when synthesising goes so wrong with our food and the pharmacuticles they have dumped everywhere.  They have convinced everyone it is normal to be enslaved to 2 strands of DNA.  We can already see the effects of these DNA mutations spreading as the Autism rates soar.  This Planet has reached all new levels of toxicity and their solutions more toxins! What has put things on new levels would be the contamination of your air.  When you fill the skies full of metals your taking away our free will right to chose.  The days of implied consent are over.  This Planet is on a set course of destruction until we wake up and see this as a do over.  

Our Equinox Projects

The equinoxes are seasonal cycles.  You can tune into the energies and connect deeper to your spiritual consciousness.  I have projects planned for the next 3 equinoxes.  We will be at Stonehenge next week, for the Fall Equinox.  For the Winter Equinox we are going to London, and for the Spring Equinox we will be at our Castle.  I will be doing live feeds while at these locations.  The United Kingdom is an amazing place to be experiencing these energy shifts.  There is not only one of the Earth’s chakras here, but two.  The Earth’s third eye chakra moves every so often.  This is the centre of the Earth, the heart chakra of the Planet.   This country holds a lot of the lost pieces from Atlantean times.  Help support our mission by checking out our Stonehenge Activation we will be doing.