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Last Full Moon Of The Year…

Tonight’s Full Moon in Cancer is bringing some extra powerful energy with it.  It’s been charged with the energy of the Solstice.  It’s also the last Full Moon of the year.  This Cold Moon is helping us to release 2020.  Cancer is a water sign that is ruled by the Moon, emotions and intuition.  It also rules home, family, and security.  Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces may feel this shift a little extra.  The Sun and the Moon will also be forming an alignment with Chiron in Aries.  Chiron is the wounded healer.  This is bringing up past wounds.  We are in the last week of the year and it’s about to get emotional.  We are processing a little extra as we clear this years energy.  There is a lot that will continue to be purged out and released, as we continue to move up in frequency.  We have lots of DNA activations occurring.  Not everyone’s physical vibration can handle or even integrate these upgrades.  The Planet however is continuing to elevate.  That’s why it’s very important that we are healing and raising our vibrational frequency.  If things are coming up to heal, use this energy to do so.  We are in Capricorn Season.  Cancer and Capricorn are complete opposites.  So we are feeling the polarity a little extra with this shift.  It’s important that we are finding balance between work and home right now.  You may be nesting or resting with this Cancer energy.  Despite that we have a lot of work ahead of us.  This is actually a good time to be focusing on the New Year ahead of us.  It’s the perfect time to be setting some intentions.  These are amazing energies for manifesting with.  It’s also a great time to be charging yourself or your crystals in the energy.

New Moon Solar Eclipse…

Happy Solstice! We are in a powerful vortex right now!  Today we had some powerful Portal energies hitting us.  We have a New Moon in Cancer.  It’s also a Solar Eclipse, or the Ring of Fire.  These are some powerful alignments.  Many of you are feeling these energies guiding you or even your ancestors.  We are literally between worlds, and making some massive shifts.  This energy is intense and has a tendency to shake things up.  We can expect to really feel these effects of these Eclipse and Solstice energies for the next several days.  We are also being flooded with a ton of galactic energies right now.  Your being activated! Many of you will be feeling the effects of these light codes.  Eclipses open up other dimensions and can do powerful things to our realities.  They can be a powerful gateway to something new.  This is an amazing time to reflect on your path.  We are still in Retrograde Season and in fact have 5 Planets in retrograde.  This can be the time to tap into your infinite potential.  You should be feeling extra tuned in.  Many of you are having powerful dream experiences in your sleep.  Or are just knowing what’s coming.  This is a powerful time for any twin flame or soulmate connections.  Many of you have been clearing and healing a lot of relationship type stuff.  This is a really good energy to use to bring more healing and love into your relationships.  Since this is a huge amount of energy you may be releasing things. We are entering a new cycle of energies and many are noticing an increase in synchronicities.  This is a really good energy to use to come back into balance.

This is a powerful time to do any activations or DNA healing.  Check out Shop out..

On The Energies…

There is a lot going on with the Earths chakra system, as well as your own.  We are going to have so much energy coming in the next two weeks, as well as a lot of big astrological shifts.  Eclipse season has been great as it has been creating a reset.  We have our first Eclipse of 2020 on Friday.  This is giving us a glimpse into this year’s energy, we will have 6 Eclipses this year.  Fridays Lunar Eclipse is also a Full Moon in Cancer.  We need rain vibes for many places globally and this is the perfect energy to bring it.  We are delving into the element of water and the emotional.  We will go through this Eclipse Portal and into some powerful astrology when Pluto and Saturn collide January 12th.  We can expect many waves to follow the 14th and 15th.  This is the energy of the new.  The next two years will be powerful for our DNA.  We can expect a ton of upgrades and recoding.  These energies coming into this Planet are programmed to assist us not just with our spiritual ascension, but our spiritual evolution.  While I see many predictions about 2020, it’s important to remember we live in a manifest reality.  This space is yours to make.  This year is all about stepping into your power as a co-creator.

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