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On The Energies..

Happy 8:8 Portal! The Lion’s Gate Portal is opening in the sky.  The Earth is in a powerful direct alignment with the Galactic Center, Central Sun, Sun, Sirius, and Orion.  Orions Belt Is perfectly aligned with the Pyramids of Giza right now.  Your probably feeling the super charged energies that are flooding the Planet right now.  These high frequency energies are so amazing for doing activation or healing work.  The Light Codes of the Lions Gate Portal can help us so much with the ascension work that we are doing right now.  We have major shifts happening in and around relationships right now.  Major healing and clearing is happening within the heart chakra.  That means the energies may be bringing up old hurt or old wounds.  Sometimes old things we carry, or have a hard time letting go are the blocks.  There is a major heart chakra clearing and activation happening.  It’s time to surrender and release anything in the way of your heart fully opening.  It’s time to let the light fully in.  It’s the luckiest day of the year.  You can manifest anything right now.  Make sure your utilizing these high frequency energies.  Leo Season always brings supercharged solar energies.  As Sirius is moving closer to Earth we are receiving huge influxes of light, straight from Heaven.  These energies are to help us in bringing Heaven back to Earth.  Many are shifting into a 5D state of consciousness.  We can do that through doing the inner work to clear anything karmically holding us to the Old 3D Earth and through doing work to raise our vibration.

On These Lions Gate Energies…

We are well into the energies of the Lions Gate Portal.  The Sun and Sirius will continue to merge until a powerful portal is opened 8/8.  The alignment between our Spiritual Sun Sirius, Orion’s Belt, Earth and even the Great Pyramid of Giza open this vortex.  8/8 is the peak of the storm, however these energies will continue until the 12th.  You should be really feeling the upgrades we are all going through.  We have had a lot of energy pouring in.  This is a high frequency energy that is activating the Lions Gate Portal.  These alignments are not just activating us they are activating the Ley Lines, or the Earths energetic grids.  Many of you are even lightworkers and gridworkers and are very much connected to this grid.  A lot of this energy is very galactic.  We have energies coming in now from Sirius, Orion, Mintaka, our Sun, and the Central Sun.  the ancients, our ancestors, understood how to use and harness this energy.  The stars are aligning and it’s powerful.  This is an especially powerful time to be out on the Ley Lines, or to be connecting with the Earth.  These light codes are rewriting our DNA.  This shift is only a small glimpse of what’s to come. The energies are changing and are becoming more and more galactic.  This means we are going to have to continue to make some shifts as to how we are living.  This energy is going to assist us with our journey into higher states of consciousness.  Our Sun has hit the center of our galaxy.  We are being blasted with highly charged cosmic radiation.  This is filling us with more light and energy.  Many of you are feeling it on your solar plexus.  The Sun is changing, and so is your inner sun.  Much of the energy your taking in is stored in this energy center.  You may be feeling the third eye activations that are coming in with these upgrades as well.  We can expect a lot of activation when it comes to our gifts and abilities this year.  This is a really good time to work on your energy.  I’m recommending more detoxing and clearing as we work on completing the rest of 2020.

On The Energies…

This is a week that will bring some major shifts with it.  We are in some powerful energy.  A lot of people are feeling the storm we are in.  We are moving through an area of space, in our Milky Way, that is sending waves of energy out across our entire solar system.  This energy is very much affecting our entire Planet.  It’s creating an massive shift in our entire solar system.  We are seeing an increase in solar flares and even gamma radiation.  This is very much affecting our physical body as well as our consciousness.  Our DNA is going through an intense process as it’s being upgraded by these light codes.  This is the process we call ascension.  This week we are continuing to move through this Lions Gate Portal energy.  We are doing a lot of work with the heart chakra.  Lots of clearing is happening.  It may even be making any karma you have left to clear really obvious.  It will help you to get out of the mind in this energy.  It’s important that your following your heart.  A lot of you are acquiring a lot of knowledge.  It’s all about what you chose to do with it.  This weekend the Lions Gate Portal will peak on 8/8 flooding us with even more energies.  This portal is aligning us with even more Sirian energies.  Expect a lot of upgrades and downloads as we continue moving through these energies this week.  This is a powerful time for healing.  While the Lions Gate Portal may peak on 8/8 it lasts until the 12th.  It will close with a bang as we have the Perseus Meteor Shower peaking at the same time.  Shooting stars will be visible August 11th, 12th, and 13th.  Let’s just say there is a lot of magic in the air this month.  Don’t miss it! It’s some of the most powerful energies we can be using.  It’s amazing energy to be using to any type of DNA work, heart chakra healing, third eye activation, or manifesting with.  See our Shop to book.